Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist

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Product Name Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist
Contents hydrogen water mist(1unit)
Ingredients Biocera AG Ball, Biocera TO Ball
Life Time 2 ~ 3 years
Packing Unit Unit100pcs / Box


When hydrogen from ionized alkaline water are absorbed into the skin, they combine
with activated oxygens and turn into water to prevent aging by removing activated oxygens




The NSF certified Biocera antioxidant hydrogen AO balls and the low electric current TO crystal balls ionize and activate water to increase mineral content and moisturizing ability.

The Biocera AG ball, made with silver, zeolite, apatite, quartz, and etc., makes a silver solution that has a 99.9% antimicrobial effect.

The Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist generates mineral-rich, natural antioxidant hydrogen water and the smaller water particles are quickly absorbed, creating a moisture barrier for the dry and worn out skin.




 · Generates abundant hydrogen and far infrared ray energies in water

 · Turns ordinary water into chemical-free hydrogen rich water

 · Makes water molecules smaller and easily absorbed by skin

 · Keeps your skin hydrated for long

 · Prevents growth of bacteria in water




· Contains NSF-certified ceramic balls with top quality and safety

· Easy to use: just fill the mist with purified water and spray over your face

· Long lifespan of two ~ three years

· Keeps your skin hydrated for long



* How to use Biocera Water Mist

Fill up the empty container with clean purified water and spray at a certain distance.


Biocera Water Mist