Antioxidant Alkaline JUG   We love them.  My mom is drinking a lot more water.  She says it tastes better and is just easier to drink.  She says she hasn't been sneezing and coughing as much since she started drinking more water.  There may be more benefits she does not notice or just can't verbalize. I ha... More >
Elizabeth Lakin|USA
Antioxidant Alkaline STICK SET   So lovely to connect with you last night. Being around you is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you share & do. I am so impressed with that little wand I bought for gavio! I drank some of that water and was blown away. Can you purchase the wand separate from the jar as refills. I ... More >
Jeff|California USA
I have been amazed at the responses from our customers on how they feel different from becoming hydrated.  None of them really knew that they were dehydrated.  This includes nurses and other health practitioners. You shared about how our thoughts effect the water in our brains along with the negative effects of dehydration. Ho... More >