Technique Development

Technique DevelopmentReference
Photo Catalyst Antibacterial Ceramics
High-Functional Ceramics (Nano Size)
Technique Development Project
- Small & Medium Business
Bio-Antibacterial Ceramics  
Photo Semi-Conductive Deodorizing & Antibacterial Filter  
TiO2( Photo catalyst) for coating on Glass Cover

Polluted & Waste Water Treatment Technology
through coating on the surface of nano particle size-glass beads
Industry & Academy Joint Project
Deodorizing Technology of the inside of automobile to use
Photo Semi-Conductive inorganic deodorizing agent
Antibacterial Packaging Materials Industry & Academy Joint Project
Illuminator to have a self-cleaning fuction  
Fiber Development to have the functions of Antibacterial,
emission of FIR and cut-off UV by Photo Semi-Conductive
Compounding Ceramics
B2B Joint Project - "S" Company
Ceramic Tile to possess the coating layer of photo Semi-
conductive compounding ceramics and the manufacturing method
B2B Joint Project
- Germany "N" Company
Improvement of indoor Air Quality to use Nano-Ceramic
coating agent for the surface of buildings (2003)

Functional Ceramic Compounds and the Applicated Products(2005)
Technique Development Project
- Small & Medium Business
Alkaline Reduced water filter to manufacture and the Device to use that  
The Absorption & Decomposition Technology of inorganic
Compounding materials to have the function
- Removal of VOC
Technique Development Project
- Korea Materials and Components
Biocera R&D Center
Biocera R&&D Water contributes to the convenience of customers and elevation of living quality through the conduction of
an antibacterial experiments in accordance with the international standard.

* Air – Deodorization (VOC, formaldehyde)
        – Anion (Contact negative ion measuring instrument, Vacuum negative ion measuring instrument )

* Water - pH / ORP / TDS / D.O / Chlorine / H2 concentration / Ca, Mg, ion concentration / turbidity / hardness

* Energy - Kirlian energy measurement
- Aura measurement
- Heat furnace