Business History


Established DaeSung Ceramic Research Center
Developed water activated ceramics for antibacterial and water purification purposes


Developed inorganic antibacterial agent
Developed TiO2 photocatalyst for deodorization
Developed nanoparticle photocatalyst agent Biocera T for air purification purposes


Registered the "Pang-I Cera" trademark
Launched world first laundry ball
Supplied antibacterial agents to Samsung, LG, and Komax
Supplied photocatalyst air filter to DaeWoo Electronics
Exported Inorganic antibacterial agent to Japan
Patent registered ‘Doped Method Metal-Ion to Fiber (No. 132617)


Registered as Venture Company
Participation in Southeast Asian Market Pioneer
Selected as the Predominant Venture Business by Small and Medium Business Administration
Patent registered in Antibacterial Ceramic Composition (No. 176277)
Developed VOC reducible bio paint for indoor air quality improvement


Registered as a member of the Society for Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Agents in Japan
Presented thesis on antibacterial and photocatalyst agent
‘Sanitary Finished’ mark acquired from FITI (Friend of Industry Technology Information) for LG Chemical artificial marble sink
Selected as an Affiliate of Research and Development Institute by Korea Industrial Technology Association


Established Biocera Co., Ltd (DaeSung Ceramic Research Center remains as R&D)
Acquired FDA safety on nano-silver antibacterial agent and photocatalyst
Co-research with HCC on developing automobile deodorizing air filter
Developed antibacterial agents for Samsung refrigerators
Export contract with Eagle Industry, Japan
Selected as JeonBuk Predominant Small and Medium Enterprise (No. JeonBuk 37)
Cooperative development on photocatalyst for wastewater treatments with KunSan National University
Cooperative development on photocatalyst glass coating with Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
Participated at Ceramitec2000, Germany


Acquired FDA safety on Biocera A
Designated as a Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise
Manufactured Biocera rice that contains calcium and chitosan


Acquired FDA safety on nanoparticle photocatalyst Biocera T
Selected as Innobiz Technology Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise
Designated as a Parts and Material Specialized Enterprise
Won Mark Quality Certified by Korean Institute of Far Infrared Applied Estimation
Designated as a Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise
Patent registered for photo-semiconductor deodorizing and antibacterial filter (No. 0357765)


Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards
Acquired Biocera Trademark in China (No. 3113040)


Designated as an Industrial Family Company
Selected as a Technology Innovation Development Business for Small and Medium Business Enterprises
Selected as a Competition Frontier Company (No. 02003045)


Achieved Industry Academia Government Consortium Technology Development
Achieved Management Innovation Citation
Acquired Biocera Trademark in Malaysia


Acquired membership at Water Quality Association
Biocera Alkaline Water Purifier registered at FDA
Acquired Water Mark for Biocera Water Purifier from Korean Government
Patent registered in filter for generating alkaline reduced water and apparatus
WQA Aquatech, Illinois, USA 2006
Asia Water, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2006
International Rebuild Iraq Exhibition 2006
JVC Company in Malaysia
Show Room, Moscow Russia
Korea Technology Mission 2006, Sydney, Australia
Aquatech Amsterdam 2006
Korea Product Trade Show 2006, Jakarta, Indonesia
Vietnam International Trade Fair, Ho Chi Minh
Malaysia Seminar ‘Antioxidant Alkaline Water’


KFDA registered and certified on Alkaline medical water device
WQA Aquatech USA 2007, Florida
Kitchen Aid Exhibition, Mumbai India
Water Expo 2007, Chennai, India
Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Watertech China 2007
Taiwan Health Month Show
China Water Exhibition
Almaty Exhibition


Water Expo 2008
WQA Aquatech China 2008
Aquatech USA 2008
Texas Seminar
Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Seoul Foodtech 2008
Thaifex Exhibition 2008
Biocera Seminar at HQ
Aquatech Amsterdam 2008
Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Canton Fair 2008
Guangzhou TV Interview
Dubai International Autumn Trade Fair
Biocera on Hong Kong Newspaper


Partnership with Park Joon Hair Tech
Visit to Yeul Lin Sarang House
Tendency 2009, Frankfurt
Korean Products Show 2009
Dr. Jeon Interview on Asia Business Daily, Korea
Korean president visits Biocera’s booth
Halal certification acquired
Northeast Asia High-Technology Expo, Shenyang China
Canton Fair 2009
Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Kintex 2009
Biocera on CES International
Biocera on Singaporean Newspaper
Winner of Avings VIP Asia 2009 Awards for Biocera Balls
New Technique Innovation Awards by Korea Ministry of Industrial Technology and Environment


Biocera on Hong Kong Newspaper
Biocera on USA Water Technology Magazine
Biocera on Ming Pao Newspaper
Aquatech India 2010
WQA Aquatech USA
10th Guangzhou TV Shopping Exposition
Korea Trade Show Tokyo 2010
Canton Fair 2009
Kintex 2009
Biocera on Japanese Magazine
Canton Fair 2010 in Guangzhou, China
Korea Products Fair 2010, Los Angeles, USA
Biocera on Hong Kong Magazine
G-Fair, Mumbai, India
Hong Kong International Tea Fair 2010
Singapore International Water Expo 2010
Aquatech China 2010
Biocera on Singaporean Newspaper
Biocera on Apple Daily Newspaper
Biocera on Malaysian Magazine
Low Carbon Green Growth Expo 2010
G-Fair 2010, Korea
Korea Energy Show 2010
25th International Autumn Trade Fair 2010
Dr. Jeon Water Seminar ‘Functional Water’, India


Dr. Jeon Seminar, Water Expo 2011
WQA Aquatech USA 2011
Aquatech India 2011
Guangzhou International Beauty Expo
Seongnam Excellent Employment Company Ceremony
Dr. Jeon Seminar, New Delhi, India
Water Expo, Chennai, India
Water Malaysia, Dr. Jeon Seminar
China Sourcing Fairs
Aquatech China 2011
Aquatech Amsterdam 2011
Biocera moves to new office
Low Carbon Green Growth Expo 2011, Korea
109th Canton Fair
Singapore International Water Week Water Expo
Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, USA
Biocera Green Ball on German HSE24 Television
Biocera Green Ball on QVC USA Television
Aquatech China 2010
WQA Aquatech USA 2012
WQA Aquatech USA 2012


EA Water 2012 India
WQA Aquatech 2012, Seminar
KIMES 2012
111th Canton Fair 2012
Aquatech India 2012
Aquatech China 2012
18th Biocera Anniversary
San Francisco International Gift Fair 2012
Meeting with the Minister of Economy, Dubai
Dr. Jeon ‘The Next Frontier of Health’ Seminar
112 Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China
18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair 2012
China Sourcing Fair, Mumbai, India
Water Expo China
Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2012


Certificates of Appreciation from Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2012
WQA Aquatech USA 2013
113th Canton Fair
FIME(Florida International Medical Expo) 2013, Florida, United States
Acquired NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements (Biocera Ball)
114th Canton Fair
Local Community Care
Seongnam Immigrant Center
Biocera on HSE24 German Television
Jeju International Seminar on ‘Healthy Drinking Water’ Korea
G-Fair Korea
Seongnam Law Abiding Citizen Awards to Dr. Jeon
Eco Expo Korea
Biocera supports scholarship
VIP Invitation event – B.S. World Wide Vision


K-Living Fair
Biocera on Smile S Home Shopping Television
Dr. Jeon Chennai Seminar, India
KIMES 2014 (30th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show)
115th Canton Fair
5th Seoul Home & Living Fair
Biocera on Korean Far Infrared Association Magazine
20th Biocera Anniversary
Industry-University Cooperation Agreement with Yang Young Digital High School based on the National Competency Standards (NCS) by Human Resources
Development Service of Korea
Open BS BIO Store
Biocera on Rich Book
FIMES 2014
Launched ‘Biocera Forest Air’
G-Fair Korea
Achieved as the Best Hydrogen Ionizer Manufacturer Awards
Achieved ‘2014 Consumer Satisfaction Award’ by New Concept Media Korea News Today
2014 Eco Expo Korea
Participated at the Charity Golf Tournament to help patients with rare diseases
Biocera Management Consulting Best Practices
Russian Seminar
Social Contributions at Philippines
Biocera on Eastar Jet Magazine
Biocera on INNOBIZ Magazine


Biocera 119th Canton Fair
Panama, Spain Exhibition
Malaysia Aquatech
Aquatech China
FIMES 2015
Poland, Antioxidant Seminar
Aquatech India
Canton Fair 2015
Aquatech Amsterdam
Viet Water
Biocera on INNOBIZ Magazine
Dr. Jeon Turkey Seminar on “Cure the Incurable”


Aquatech USA
Aquatech China
Thaifex – World of Food Asia
Aqua World India
120th Canton Fair
Mexico Expo Beauty Show
Aquatech Mexico
Uptrend2U promoted Biocera in Malaysia


121th Canton Fair
WQA Covention in Orlando, USA 2017
Yeongwol International Water Symposium
HK Gifts & Premium Fair 2017
Aquatech China
Dr. Jeon Invitation Seminar for Japanese Multi-level Marketing Company
FIME 2017
Aquatech Amsterdam
122th Canton Fair
Launched Biocera Water Ionizer
Aquatech Mexico 2017


KIMES 2018
Aquatech India
Water Expo India 2018
Natural Products Expo West 2018
WQA Aquatech USA, Colorado, UDA
Canton Fair 2018
Aquatech Shanghai China 2018
Dr. Jeon Invitation Seminar for Japanese Multi-level Marketing Company
Biocera Seminar at HQ
Waptema Water Expo 2018
Water Expo 2018
Vietwater 2018
Dr. Jeon Guwahati Assam Seminar, India
124th Canton Fair Guangzhou, China
Biocera cooperates with Red Cross Vietnam


Water India’s Water Expo
Waptag Water Exhibition