Biocera TO

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ItemTypePacking UnitApplicationRecommended adding amount(%)
Biocera-TO 15K Highly enriched powder
(negative Ion 15,000 ea)
25kg/paper box Plastic, Textile, Paint, Paper 2~3% compared to weight
7K Highly enriched powder
(negative Ion 7,000 ea)
25kg/paper box

Biocera TO is composed of inorganic ceramic and photo-catalyst. This product emits far-infrared ray and negative ion which are good to the human body. It has the function of deodorization, self-purification, blood circulation promotion, biological activation and pain relief. Its far-infrared ray and negative ion is emitted with fine vibration of piezo electric unlike other negative ion products. This makes the environment fresher by eliminating the noxiousness of harmful electric waves.

Features of Biocera TO

  • - Emission of negative ions and far infrared rays

  • - Promotion of metabolism and blood circulation

  • - Activation of cells and the elimination of body waste

  • - Prevention of fatigue

  • - Maintenance of freshness

  • - Negative Ion Ceramic Ball / Negative Ion Filters / Negative Ion Water Purifier

Components CaO, P2O5, Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2 and etc
Appearance Fine Milky White Powder
Particle Size 3∼4㎛
Heat Stability 1,200℃
Emission of FIR (%) > 90%

Packing Unit : 25kg Carton Box


  • 1. Construction Material (Negative Ion Ceramic Ball)
    The advantages of executing the construction work using this material are as follow:

    • - Cost-effective

    • - Highly antibacterial

    • - Gets high potency of far infrared rays in room temperature

    • - Gets effects of terrestrial magnet

    • - Prevents static electricity

    • - Eliminates water vein waves

    • - Absorbs and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic rays

  • 2. Textile and all kinds of fibers :
    Socks, medical appliances, medical supply, protectors, beddings and sanitary goods

  • 3. Heat & Medicals Machines :
    Heater, stove, dryer

  • 4. Plastic for household goods:
    Plastic components of washing machines, refrigerators, and other kitchen wares

  • 5. Stationery :
    Crayons, cases of ball, papers

Negative ion Bracelet
Negative Ion Bracelet
Negative Ion Ceramic Bracelet
Negative Ion
Ceramic Bracelet
Negative Ion Texile (Knee Protector)
Negative Ion Texile
(Knee Protector)

Negative Ion Colored Paper
Negative Ion
Colored Paper
Negative Ion Money Box (Plastic)
Negative Ion
Money Box (Plastic)
Negative Hair Brush (Nylon)
Negative Hair Brush

ion bracelet

Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet

As it has combined effects of negation Ion, far infrared and extreamly low usdulating current(0.06mA), negative Ion Bracelet maintain balance of Ions in your body and promotes your metabolism when you wear it


ion bracelet

cooking stone

Biocera Energy Cooking Stone

- Help promote blood circulation and contributes to keeps bright skin
and maintains vital energy.
- Helps to balance calcium and iron in the body to get your bone stronger.
- Removes moisture to control model or fungi.
- Stop harmful waves by neutralizing strongly alkaline cement.



Power life with negative ion ceramic powder

We are the Biocera- the leading health and lifestyle partners who always aim in doing good to the human body. Our negative ion Biocera TO powderis one such innovation that comprises of inorganic material and photo-catalyst which emits infra red radiations that are good for human body. These Biocera negative ion bio ceramics ball can be externally worn which helps to soothe and relieve one from intense pain and keeps the environment fresh and happy

What is it made up of?

Biocera TO functions as a purification material, improves blood flow in the body, removes the nasty smell that emanates from body due to sweat and dust etc. The principle of negative ion emission is from the finest vibratory motion of the underlying piezo electric material.  These balls are made out of fine negative ion powder that looks milky white and constitutes of useful minerals like calcium, phosphorous, silicon and titanium in their respective oxide form.

How to use them?

Biocera Negative ion powder can be usedto create a wide array of external wear products like bracelet, knee protector, colored paper, money box, hair brush, crayons etc. The advantages of using Biocera negative ion powder in making products like stationary, household goods, fibers, construction material are plenty. Like these are cost effective and highly anti-bacterial in nature. These ceramic balls absorb harmful electromagnetic rays and prevent static electricity. Also every negative ion ceramic ball maintains the balance of ions in human body and improves bodily metabolism when one wears them. Biocera balls help to increase the positivity in one's life and keep them free of mental strain.

Color magic

Another aspect of these negative ion filter ceramic balls is that they fall under the color therapy category of healing. The different color TO ceramic balls acts as filters and helps to cure asthma, stress, fatigue, stomach problems, diabetes, cataract, insomnia, hand and feet paralysis, respiratory ailments and improve blood circulation. With affluent shape and design that looks elegant when worn, these negative ion TO ceramic balls are indeed a wonderful accessory to improve health.