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Biocera Ceramic Balls manufactured from a variety of functional ceramic materials which have a special formation with abundant inorganic minerals, are being widely used in water filters. It also has function of adsorption for impurities and harmful heavy metal and helps human metabolism and natural healing.

Premium Ceramic Ball

  • 1. No heavy metals - Hg, Pb, As, Cr, Cd

  • 2. Filtration media application which reduces Carcinogen(THM,Chloroform)

  • 3. Special elements which are necessary for anti- cancer & diabetes.

  • 4. Health media application of Mg, Ca that makes Ionized
        Alkaline Reduction Water

  • 5. Biocera has original patents, original technology and
        intellectual property for manufacturing process, equipment and
        composition of ceramic balls in korea and has patents in USA, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh.

Biocera Ensures the Safety and Best Quality of products.
Bioceramic Balls are the world's First and only to be NSF42 Certified



Manufacturing process of Ceramic Balls

Biocera A Image

Biocera A Image

                NSF 42 test passed & certified ceramic balls for the first in the world


Porous Surface SEM Picture of Biocera Ceramic Balls for Purifying & Activating water

Biocera A Image  Biocera A Image




Ceramic ball water filters to wade away all impurities and guarantee good health

While one wears gemstones to calm their mind and stay happy, we at Biocera have found a quick way to cleanse and detoxify water with the help of ceramic balls. Yes, our Biocera ball is a great water purification filter that will absorb the harmful heavy metal and impurities thereby helping every customer to drink healthy water on day to day basis.

How they function?

Biocera ceramic ball comes with NSF Certificate that softens water and have special formation with abundant organic material that helps to balance the pH of water. These balls can be packaged in tea bag form, basket form in various sizes to suit different containers and purify water. These super ceramic balls are made up of useful mineral compounds like calcium Di-Oxide , magnesium oxide, silicon Di-Oxide , Quartz, Hematite and oxides of sodium and potassium that help to absorb heavy metal deposits from water and removes bad smell from water.

What are the variations available?

We at Biocera have launched several varieties of ceramic balls namely Biocera RC ball, SH ball, AO pyramid bag, PW ball, TO ball, CA ball, IP ball, MN ball and AG ball. These Anti Oxidant ball AO ball also function as ORP ball that reduces the ORP content which acts as anti-oxidant and improves the alkaline nature of water which increases the natural metabolism of human body.

How safe are these ceramic balls?

Every ceramic ball has cleared the NSF 42 test and RoHS safety tests and our products are thus safe to use. These are patented intellectual property of our company and they have proven to function effectively in any kind of water namely tap water, RO purified water, bottled water, mineral water etc. There are plenty of benefits of these tourmaline ceramic balls as they help to increase the alkalinity of water,to improve the useful mineral retention, to reduce ORP and improve the hydrogen ion concentration in water.

With world class quality control, our nano silver ceramic balls, Antibacterial Antimicrobial and other variations are the best in treating and improving the quality of water.