Alkaline water

Do your filters emit FIR RAYS? What's the Ph up to, how low is the ORP and how long does the filter last?

=> PH goes up to 10 ,-300mv ORP, 1000 gallon.



Some of our sales staff encountered some competitor's products which are able to give better "anti-oxidant iodine demo test" results compared to our product using the Tourmaline balls and Antioxidant T-bags. 

Can you explain the difference between Tourmaline balls and other types of Biocera ceramic balls such as:
Pi water ceramic balls,  Vitamin balls, Calcium ceramic balls?


Will Biocera be willing to provide some samples of the above mentioned three types of ceramic balls for our testing purpose? We are trying to get a better combination of Biocera filtration media and we want to improve our Alkaline Antioxidant water filter cartridge, especially in the following tests: Iodine demo test, Green tea diffusion test.

=> If you put more t-bags, Iodine demo and Green tea diffusion test will be better!!

Pi water and Calcium ceramic ball doesn't affect to the test so much.

Vitamin is available for the test but its life time and effect is very short.

 Please advise us your filter method and how many filters you are using for your water purifier.

And we'd also like to know how many our new t-bag is applied for your filter and which step filer is applied our T-bag.  And please let us know about competitor's information such as country and manufacturer.



As I`ve seen that you that if you have the pitcher with filter of delete bacterium and anti oxidant, pls send us more infos about your pitcher and filter products. That`ll be convenient for our checking. 

=> Thanks for your interest about BIOCERA's new functional health and safe pitcher.

As a fact, we produce that pitcher in EU with BIOCERA's Filter media materials – antioxidant media which produce Hydrogen Ion and remove free radicals that cause all cancer, diabetes, hypertension and it's proved safe from NSF42 and KFDA.

* Normal water (Including all purified water) : ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) level => +300 MV, Hydrogen Ion : 30

* Filtered water by BIOCERA : ORP level => -50 ~ -200, Hydrogen Ion : over 100

+RP means oxidation high = Aging, Spoil, Rust, ORP is similar to Vitamin-C, Antioxidant Function like your olive oil, Antioxidant red wine.



I want to know your T-Bag concept contains ceremics to anti oxidant water or contains Tea

=> As a fact , biocera t -bags can be coated with green tea, black tea, ayuveda hubs.  customer wanted tea including Alkalizing, antioxidant,a ntibacterial and FIR energy functions in principles. 

But, you wanted only nano treated principles t-bag this time.

Next time, you can consider new t bag with your ayuveda tea together.



I have tested alkaline stick, but the result is under estimate, PH only increase from 6,9 to 7,2

=> Did you put BIOCERA stick in o.5 liter bottle and shake 1~3 minutes or waiting 15min?

Then ph level will go up to over 9.



We are a water treatment company dealing with domestic and industrial water machine products all over Spain. We find very interesting your BIOCERA products not only for water purposes and would like to start a company relation with BIOCERA.

In a first basis step we're interested in Ceramic Balls SIlver Antibacterial, Ca and Mg media, Pi Energy, Removing Chlorine, Tourmaline, Far infra Red, Negative Ion and also tea bags. Can you  supply only media or can you sell media inside common water filters of 10"?.

=> I think you'd better apply BIOCERA alkalizing, antioxidant filter 11" at first,  and next step, step by step, you can make your own filter with BIOCERA ball media.



I have just bought a BIOCERA jug, and was wondering if there was a filter available for my fridge freezer (which is plummed in and gives water and ice)
=> You can connect BIOCERA's Alkaline filter to the fridge freezer's ice line.



We are selling the water filtration system with 11' Biocera Alkaine cartridges. Our customers are asking of the kinds of minerals are released into the drinking water? What are the benefits of the filter compared to other products? Can people take supplements and take Biocera water at the same time? 


=> Minerals such as CA,MG,K,NA  are released. Aside from releasing such minerals, antioxidant alkaline water has the benefit of generating hydrogen ions which scavenge free radicals (also known as active oxygens), which may be the main cause for different types of diseases like cancer. 



Normal other water- including tap water, mineral water, r.o purified water, underground water, river water-hydrogen ion 30~40 ppb. But, BIOCERA 11"filtered water : hydrogen ions are 300~1200 ppb

BIOCERA water is good water for removing free radicals which cause all disease including diabetes, cancer, hypertension.



1. Alkaline Water Filter

   i. 14 inch – 100pcs

   ii. 20 inch – 20pcs

2. Alkaline Water filter - T-bag

Please let us know the quotation and spec for the T-bag, we need put in SS Tank, how long life time/spend ? If put in 50 liter water, how long can be effect –water change to alkaline water ? Any side effect if longer put in to the water?

=> t- bag usage

- to flow water filter for increasing ph/ decreasing O.R.P.

- we do not recommend t- bag to put water tank.



We have noticed that the Anti Oxidant tea bags start to expand and become hard and develops white particles inside the tea bag during use.

These white partices are not in the original tea bag mix when it is a new tea bag. 

Also there appears to be some slime development (as it is slimy when you touch the tea bag) and there appears to be some growth of algae/mould on the outside of the tea bag.

Can you please advise why this is happening and what is causing the tea bag and material to react in this way.

Also is the water safe to drink when the tea bags becomes like this?

Is there anything that can be done to prevent the tea bag from hardening and expanding? -possible cause why we have had blocking issue.

What has been put inside the tea bag material to prevent the growth of bacteria?

=> 1. Smell

 -antioxidant mechanism of biocera ball

CA,MG,K ,NA and bioceramics balls +water =CA, MG hydroxide +hydrogen 

Some hydrogen ions are changed to hydrogen gas and it's come out .

Some hydrogen ions neutralize the free radicals, super oxides like vitamin-c antioxidant .

And some other left hydrogen ions are changed into hydrogen gas and evaporate.  That's the reason of expansion inside of tea bag.  Hydrogen is the lightest one. 

We design hydrogen (antioxidant factor) to be left longer time inside of the filter for more antioxidant by using the tea bag.

2. Slim

 - BIOCERA alkaline and antioxidant ball increase ph.

 Ph increase means alkalizing like soap. Soap is slimy because of surfactant function, surface energy down.

3. White particle/blocking

Yes, when BIOCERA AO ball reacts with water, they produce   CA or MG hydrogen oxide, and hydrogen.   In case CA hydrogen oxides are accumulated, accumulated things look like white particles. 

Higher TDS in your water, more white particles will come out. 

It mean A.O ball has calcium, lime removal function as well.

Therefore, we design tea bag to protect the white particles to flow into water.

More TDS, more calcium water, more white particles  that means more hardening and blocking.

4. Algae

Bacteria, algae can grow automatically in air and light. 

Did you leave tea bag opened in the air?

But, they cannot grow inside of the filter.

And moreover, slimy means high alkaline, that kills almost all kinds of bacteria.

5. Advantage of tea bag

As you know well now, you can understand why we use tea bag 

Another advantage of tea bag, it acts like sediment filter that removes irons, dirties in water.

A.O ball has diverse benefit functions-ph up, antioxidant, smaller molecule, mineral emission and lime accumulate.



Electrolysis has a port that delivers alkaline and negative ORP water and another port that delivers acidic water.   BIOCERA has one port only, how does it work where does the acidic water go?  And why is alkalinity so high?

=> from our many experience from many countries, more alkaline, more effective to the patients.

Of course more ORP, more effective too.

As you know well, even if human feeds acidic and alkaline food, our body has parallel buffering system , therefore can maintain ph balance 7.4

But, if we take too much acidic things every day, our body has to do hard work to survive, to make ph balance from accumulating cholesterol, urine and kidney stone - All kinds of acidic wastes in blood. That causes hypertension, acidosis and even cancer.

Therefore we need more alkaline and more antioxidant.



How can you control ph?  I am using your in line cartridge after RO filter and PH reading are a little high, over 10.  I'd like to control it and not go over 9, is that possible?

Also, ORP when cartridge is new reads -700 to -800, is that good and how long does it last.

If I connect to water cooler does ORP level become more positive or does it stay negative?

=> 1. Yes we can supply ph9 below filter.

2. ORP means oxidation reduction potential.

Therefore more ORP means more antioxidant like vitamin-c

BIOCERA antioxidant mechanism is same to vitamin-c by producing hydrogen ion and by neutralizing free radicals.

And moreover the test results of ORP numbers are up to machine.

3.  Temp cooler, ORP no change.

But, temp hotter ORP shall + increase.

It means antioxidant function reduces like vitamin-c.

Moreover water storage time is longer -ORP will be weak. +ORP will be increased.



Drived from emails between Dr. Jeon and customers




 Ceramic Balls


This reservoir will be used in dishwasher. First, the dishes will be washed with detergent. Afterwards, the dishes will be rinsed and the water is discharged. Then comes the second rinsing step. At the end of second rinsing, some of this rinsing water will be stored in the water reservoir. The temperature of the water will be 60C in the inlet, and will cool down with time. The concentration of detergent is very low and there is approximately %0.1 rinse aid in the water.

We will use this stored water in the pre-wash step of the next washing cycle.

Therefore, we aim to prevent the microbial growth in the water reservoir.

I look forward for your recommendation for a suitable product for our application.

Do you mean antibacterial ceramic ball (given in the attachment) is appropriate for our application?  How long is the life of these ceramic balls?

=> In fact, recently we developed softening ball filter for anti-rust, anti-scale for shower, for dish washer and for washing machines.  Softening filter can replace the detergent very effectively.

* Normal life time of antibacterial ball : 6 month


1. How will we apply these antibacterial ceramic balls to the water reservoir? Will we only put them into the reservoir, or should we make a separate place to settle them in?

=> You can test and find out most optimum your case.

 ex) insert ceramic ball cartridge to water tank, or ceramic ball in line filter and attach to your water line before tank 

2. How much antibacterial ceramic ball should we use in 2 liter water reservoir?

=> 2.5% weight, 50g ceramic ball/2liter

3. You say that normal life time is 6 months. On which conditions is this lifetime determined? I mean, is it defined for a water dispenser or something else?

=> dispenser water tank, or inline water filter


We are a manufacturer and installer of drip irrigation systems in Turkey and interested in to apply new technology like yours. We will try new techniques in irrigation and fertilizing, so your ceramic balls may help us to increase pH of water. On the other hand we have problem at drips, because this high pH water with calcium ratio we may see problems inside of pipes and less flow amount in drips. How can we use Ceramic Alkali Media balls without such kind of problems but with good advantages?

=> We recommend Antiscale ball (pH ball)


Crobal Water is one of oldest european companies dealing with water purification based on Reverse Osmosis. Our company is 11 years old now. In the very beginning, we were a trading company, but 3 years ago, we started with our own products, R&D and production in China. We mainly use OEM/ODM services from chinese companies and own all moulds. On european market we have 15 distribution companies in 25 european countries and it is becoming bigger and bigger each time. Many of our distributor companies already work with you directly based on PI-water filters which you produce. 

What we want from your products is to make a T33 post filter, (small plastic housing with your ceramic balls inside) which will bring "life" to water but without raising TDS drastically. As you know, TDS is very low from Reverse Osmosis device and we would not like it to be higher than 50ppm after using the ceramic balls you provide. We're mainly interested into balls which will give "magnetism" to water.

In expectance of your reply with some information about how, and in which quantities to use the ceramic balls which you provided us with (sample shipment from last month) so we can make a sample and test it.


If you want only magnetism we recommend magetism ball without increase tds.

If you want to pi water ball we recommend pi water ball without tds increase.

If you want to ph alkalizing or antioxidant, we recommend each optimum biocera ball.

what you want to say is that PI water ball will not increase TDS? What do you use for magnetism? What kind of ball? Tourmaline?

I would like PH alkaliing to PH7, but also without TDS increase, or little increase like 10-15. Not more.


1.  PI water ball does not increase TDS. 

2.  It is a kind of magnetic function which water cluster activate and softening, antirust, antiscale .

3.  Our ph ball increases alkaline 1 level and TDS 20.

I would like to recommend to your R.O( ph 6, TDS 0 )  PH ball and magnetized ball.


I want to use de ceramic balls for a research (little fields from about 10m2). The first crops I want to do are Freesia, Lettuce and Lysianthus. 

All that crops grows in a glasshouse Freesia is a crop which starts with a corm or cormletts. From planting till harvest is about 16 weeks. Totally crop is about 26 weeks. The major problem in Freesia is Fusarium. Further we want to get more stems and heavy stems.  The problems we want to solve at the Lysianthus is to get less fall out.  Lysianthus have weak roots. So fusarium and phytium is a problem. Totally crop is 12-16 weeks.  The capacity at the researchstadium is about 40 l/m2/day. When we scale it up to the professional crop we need a capacity from about 30.000 l a day (or more).

=> From 10 more than years ago, a university tested with BIOCERA-A (antibacterial silver base ceramic powder) to grow a  kind of flowers.  From my memory, the results are so good.  Roots are more strong, and longer and a special material parts inside of main stem grow bigger which good effect to plant.  I hope BIOCERA -antibacterial ball /silica base silver ion combined -can be good results for you.

Drived from emails between Dr. Jeon and customers




Raw Materials

nanosilver content 7, 000 ppb

  • dilution in actual use 10%

I am thinking about 10% so as to be sure it will achieve optimal antimicrobial action.  But maybe 7% dilution would work OK ?
=> 1.  Yes, we can make it according to your request, but, more silver content, more color change to dark brown.  Dilution control is very difficult.

2.  Yes, dark color means silver oxide.



Actually, because of the
turning brown when oxidized, and because of potential environmental issues, it would be nice to have the minimum effective level of nanosilver ppb.

Also it would keep costs low for wide spread use.

Can I go as low as 500 ppb nanosilver and still get good antimicrobal effect ?

=> From my experience, need minimum 100ppm (not ppb).


So when I get going on the first applications, I will try the 100ppm and the 7 ppm also.
In addition, on some of the plastic or metal or fabric surfaces we could use Biocera A or Biocera T.

 => I am worried about 7 ppm – From my experiences, you will not get the good results.

- It depend on you- plastic, textile by powder A of liquid T.




Size of the nano-particles,
I noticed on the Biocera website, that the size of the nanoparticles used is about 4μm.


This is about, according to my calculations, and please tell me if I am wrong, about 4000nm
That seems a bit large, so please give me your opinion about that.  Thanks.

=> No, that size is powder type, but liquid type size is only 20nm


Dilution of the product in use before application, dilution in water or alcohol ?
I estimate somewhere between 4:1and 10:1 dilution when for spraying or painting or other application to surfaces.  Please give me your test estimate so we can maintain antimicrobal activity, thanks.

=> no dilution


must we dilute in alcohol, or can we dilute in water, and still have a coating that after application and drying will resist water cleaning ?

=> In case of dilution, you have to use alcohol to dry fast and nice surface finish




Is it possible to have this with WATER as the liquid silver medium, and not alcohol ?

Or do we need alcohol, to be sure that the silicate coating remains water resistant after it is applied ?  I would like the coating to remain on a surface after application and drying, even if the coating is cleaned after drying, with water.

=> it is water and alcohol base sol.  You have to coat by itself without dilution. But you can dilute with tiny water or alcohol.


On an untouched surface (not much contact with the surface and cleaned only with water), I am targeting that this surface coating could last up to 3 years.  Am I being realistic ?

=> Before coating, have to clean the surface with alcohol for good adhesive.

- storage life time : 3 month  

- coated surface life time will continue till hurt or polluted , normally  similar to paint life time.



I am working as a R&D Engineer for Arcelik, in Turkey. Arcelik is the biggest household appliances manufacturer of Turkey. 

If possible, I would like to take some information from you.

For an application, we are working on usage of water reservoir. We are searching for an antimicrobial additive to be used in the water reservoir material.

  • =>The water reservoir material is homopolymer PP. 
  • Water resistance is required (The water in the reservoir is refreshed in every 2 – 3 days in average, this time period can extend up to 1,5 months according to the user conditions) 
  • The water is ordinary tap water. 
  • Microbial growth like bacteria, mould etc. is observed in the water reservoir. Therefore, the antimicrobial additive should be effective on both bacteria and mould. 
  • The temperature of inlet water is 60C, therefore the temperature resistance is important. 
  • The detergent concentration in the water is very low, whereas there is approximately %0.1 rinse aid in the water. 
  • The water reservoir is injection molded and welded by hot plate.

I will be very much pleased if you can help me by offering the appropriate antimicrobial additive material. Can you also send the TDS and MSDS documents of the material/s? 

The first step of the project will be the testing of the material on the application. So we will require some samples from your side if possible.


Regarding BIOCERA antibacterial safety and efficacy, as a fact, more safer than salt, sugar from FDA toxic test results - ld50 is 10,000 mg over.

And moreover, BIOCERA balls have passed and certified by NSF42's safety test first time in the world.  It's unique drinking water in USA.




1. BIOCERA-A powder can be applied in master batch type or powder itself during injection

2. You can apply BIOCERA antibacterial ball to your tank in floating ball type like BIOCRA laundry washing ball.  Nowadays, BIOCERA green washing ball is booming in the E.U,USA, HONGKONG, SINGARPORE and KOREA  for saving water, saving energy and for saving our next generation by less use of toxic chemical detergents. - Whirlpool, when they sell washing machine, they provide BIOCERA ball to their customers for free as a gift.



Can you please advise me, in simple words, how Nano Silver kills the bacteria and how long will it take to kill the likes of Ecoli and MRSA?

Antibacterial mechanism of silver is

1. Bust out the cell of bacteria by penitrate

2. Protect the cell segmentation 

3. By factive oxygen generate

4. etc

BIOCERA antibacterial agent were passed FDA safety test.  It's safer than sugar or salt by ld50.


So does that mean we should order the Biocera A and Biocera T as liquids ? 

Or does it mean we should order powder products and add water here ???

 => up to you

I thought that the TRANSPARENT CERAMIC SOL + SILVER is a liquid. Am I right ?
 => Right


This question is again about the area covered by 1 liter of liquid.

It seems surprising that 1 liter would cover just 5m2 ?

If we order 1 kg of powder, for example.  Then how many liters of liquid would we make from that to spray ?

=> Only liquid type can be used for spray coat.

With powder type, it cannot make transparent liquid type as you think

If you use powder type, you have to make special thing by yourself for your own purpose



We have mixed Biocera nano PET granules (4%) with the normal one's here and used them for bottle manufacturing. The problem we are facing is that the output is not coming along as expected, few are getting compressed and the machine is not working as expected. From the initial investigation what we thought is that the temperature required for Biocera nano material may be different from what we are setting. Could you please suggest what is the appropriate temperature to be set for the manufacturing?


Secondly, we are sending the bottles which are manufactured with the Biocera nano material for Laboratory testing. What all advantages can we claim for this material (eg: anti bacterial, anti viral.)? If there are any proofs available to claim the advantages, could you please forward them to us?


1. Have you produced well with your pet only?  what happened?  What temp the each position of injection machine?

At first, mix well by drum machine with BIOCERA 10% with your pet and proceed your injection procedure as same as before.

2.  If you send 10% bottle, BIOCERA R&D will produce test report officially.


Drived from emails between Dr. Jeon and customers







What result will it be when we use Biocera Washing Ball doing laundry?
Laundry with Biocera Washing Ball, clothes are clean and fresh in softness without or with less detergents.

How Biocera Washing Ball clean clothes?
The ceramic ball beads in side of Biocera Washing Balls can emits far-IR and generates negative ions, which can minimize the water cluster size and lower water's surface tension strength and can enhance water penetrate the fabrics and loosen the dirt from fabrics. Active energy from ceramic ball during laundry can destroy cells of bacteria and Eliminate germs and harmful bacteria.

If Biocera Washing Ball can replace commercial laundry powder? If needs to add other detergent or softener?Biocera can clean clothes, kill bacteria, bleach clothes and softens cloth. So, it doesn't need to add other detergents. But oily dirty clothes or stains can be cleaner by little bleach or detergent.

If Biocera Washing Ball will affect functions of washing machine or damage washing machine?
No, Biocera Wahing Ball was made by synthetic soft material, elastic and anti-friction. It has been sold to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and EU countries for many years. It meets international safety standards.

Can Biocera Washing Ball clean all kind of dirt on clothes?
Biocera Washing Ball can clean all dirt that Laundry powder can clean. It is same to be not able to clean some special contaminations on clothes, such as dirt on collar, ball-pen solvent ink, proteinic contamination…etc. Such contaminations must use special enzyme detergents. White clothes that are easily changed to yellowish naturally need a little bleach sometimes.

How does Biocera save money, save water, save electricity and save time?
Biocera can wash 3 – 4 KGS clothes for 1000 times of normal laundry procedures without or less detergents, saving a lot of cost for buying laundry powder and softener. Biocera Washing Ball will not cause bubbles during laundry. It doesn't require too many times rinse. It saves water and electricity. It shortens the washing procedures and save time. And Government can save a lot of waste water treatment costs.

Can use Biocera Washing Ball washing clothes in hot water?
Yes, Biocera Washing Ball can clean clothes better in warm water but the water temperature must be lower than 60 degree C, to avoid Biocera Washing Ball changing outside shape. Please DO NOT put Biocera Washing Ball in hot dryer.

Does Biocera Washing Ball need to be clean itself?
No. But in order to continue effective laundry, it is better dry it under sun-light one time per month.

Can Biocera Washing Ball remove odor? Anti-bacteria?
Yes, the most benefit of Biocera Washing Ball is more effective antibacterial and deodorization function than chemical detergent.

Will Biocera Washing Ball have clothes de-colored?
No, Biocera will not damage fabrics, will not de-color cloth. For those clothes easy to resolute color dyes into water, please avoid to wash together with other clothes.

Biocera contains chemical fragrances?
No, Biocera Washing Ball was only added natural fragrances and it can remain a few months. You can choose Biocera Washing Ball without fragrance as well.

How to decide the quantity of Biocera Washing Ball should be used in laundry?
In case the dirty clothes are not exceeding weight 4 KGS, that requests one piece of Biocera Washing Ball. In case of washing very dirty clothes or the weight of laundries is more than 4 KGS, two pieces of Biocera Washing Ball are recommended. More Biocera Washing Balls give cleaner in washing clothes..

Does it need to soaking clothes before washing when Biocera Washing Ball is used in laundry machine?
No, but longer soaking time, the cleaner clothes become!How does Biocera Chemical Free Washing Ball works? 
There are various kinds of ceramic balls inside Biocera Washing Ball. The collision and friction of whirling water induce the ceramic balls to release large amounts 
of negative ions, far-infrared ray and magnetic force which generates a series of 
chemical reactions to produce cleansing and anti-bacterial effects, so that soiled 
clothing became clean and sterilized even without adding any detergents and sterilizers:
• H2O + e- (negative ion)→ H+ (hydrogen ion) + OH - (hydroxyl group ion)
• O2 + e- (negative ion)→ O2 - (active oxygen)
• O2 - + H2O → OH - (hydroxyl group ion) + HO2 (Hydroperoxyl)• HO2 + 2H+ → H+ (hydrogen ion) + H2O2 (oxygenated water)

1. Negative ion reduces the surface tension of water and therefore increases the 
permeability and cleaning power of water.

2. The far-infrared rays and magnetic force can lead to smaller cluster (water mole 
group). Thus, power of dirt dissolution and power to seep through clothing gets stronger.

3. Activated oxygen and hydrogen peroxide being generated in the water help 
enhancing antibacterial, deodorization and bleaching effects. 

What is ceramic ball? What does it made of? 
Biocera Washing Ball contains many different kinds of ceramic balls, including a 
mixture of nano size Silica, Titania Oxide, Manganese dioxide mineral and more. 

How much laundry can one set of Biocera Washing Ball clean? 
For one set (2 balls, Yellow + Blue) of Washing Balls can wash a maximum of 8 kilogram 
laundry for each load. 

How can Biocera Washing Ball save water, energy, and money? 
Since detergent is not necessary, the laundry process does not require rinsing any 
detergent residue. This can help to save water, electricity and money. 

Will Biocera Washing Ball damage washing machine? 
Will the Washing Ball wind around clothing? 
After many tests, it is proven that Biocera Washing Ball will not damage washing machine 
under normal usage. It would not wind around clothing as the ball spins in the same direction 
of laundry in washing machine. 

Is adding laundry detergent and bleach needed during wash cycle when use with 
Biocera Washing Ball? 
Biocera Washing Ball can clean and disinfect laundry clothing during wash cycle. However, 
other chemical such as softener or bleach can also be added during the wash cycle, this would 
not affect Biocera Washing Ball's functionalities. 

Are there any certified tests being done to the washing ball? 
Biocera Washing Ball's functionalities have been tested and certified in Korea as well as in 
Hong Kong Poly University. 

Is there any laundry clothes that Biocera Washing Ball can't be used for washing? 
Biocera Washing Ball can help to clean and disinfect all sort of clothing. However, pretreatment 
is needed for stubborn stain such as blood stain, stain on collar, curry stain, lip stick stain, and ball pen stain. 

Why is Biocera Washing Ball an eco friendly product? 
It has been tested and proven by Hong Kong Polytechnic University that the laundry waste 
water produced when use Biocera Washing Ball, is not harmful to fish as compare to waste 
water produced when use detergent or tap water! 

How to clean Biocera Washing Ball? Is it necessary? 
For better cleaning result, clean Biocera Washing Ball by soaking them in warm water 
(40-50 degree Celsius) for an hour and let it air dry or dry under the sun. 

Will Biocera Washing Ball deform after many times usage? 
Biocera Washing Ball will last under normal usage. The plastic of the Washing Ball can sustain 
up to 80 degree Celsius water temperature. 

Is there any refill for Biocera Washing Ball? When should the Washing Ball be replace? 
Biocera Washing Ball does not have any refill. The Washing Ball should be replaced after 1000 
times usage (3 years if used around once a day). 

Why Biocera Washing Ball keeps the inside of washing machine clean? 
Residue of detergent stays in washing machine and bacteria grows inside the washing machine. 
Biocera Washing Ball does not produce any residue, plus the ionized water can help to keep the 
inside of washing machine clean.

Will Biocera Washing Ball make color fade from clothing? Can mix all clothes together when washing? 
Biocera Washing Ball would not make color fade from clothing during normal cold water wash 
cycle. However, one should always separate color fading clothing apart from other clothing during wash cycle. 

Will Biocera Washing Ball have any bad effect on children? 
As Biocera Washing Ball is chemical free product, it does not leave any chemical residue on 
children's clothing; hence, it does not have any bad effect on children's skin. 


 Is Biocera the best Anti-oxidant Alkaline water in today's market?

We are sure of that. Professional peoples in alkaline ionizer in UK, USA for 20 years, they had chosen BIOCERA natural alkaline, antioxidant water filters. Nowadays they and many other countries want to be BIOCERA partners eagerly.

Who are the other 3 to 5 close rivals of Biocera water (state their brand names)?

Electric ionizers are already existed. But natural alkaline waters are new. Therefore until now it begins a new item. But already some copy makers came out. BIOCERA has been doing business since 1994 in nano technologies – sterilizing, vitalizing water and clean air pollution. BIOCERA nano silver antibacterial, nano photo-catalyst and alkaline filters are passed FDA in USA and registered FDA. And moreover BIOCERA alkaline water purifier has been certified from KFDA as a medical device. Even more BIOCERA alkaline, antioxidant ceramic ball media were passed NSF the first in the world.


For people with body that is alkaline, should he take less of Biocera water (as too much of alkaline water will lead to too much minerals in our body that can lead to kidney problem)?:

Absolutely not. Kidney problems come from acidosis mainly.
Therefore, normal alkaline water can improve the kidney problems. But some electric ionizer water has too much calcium. That water can accumulate some calcium with acid wastes.

For people who are already taking health supplements with anti-oxidants, should he take less of Biocera water (as excess of negative active hydrogen emitted from Biocera water will not neutralize the free radicals and may cause harm to our body)?

BIOCERA alkaline water improves health with healthy supplements. Now human beings are too acidosis with air pollution, foods, drink, stress, cigarette, alcohol… We need absolutely more and more negative ions.

For people with body that is neither acidic nor alkaline, is it better for him to consume less Biocera water?

Every people need minimum 1~2 liters of waters every day for good condition


Are the levels of calcium in Biocera water sufficient for us to stop taking calcium tablets to overcome osteoporosis? (insoluble calcium tablets can cause constipation)

For some people who eat abundant calcium from foods it is sufficient, but for some people it's not sufficient with only BIOCERA water.


How long can the anti-oxidants and alkaline properties remain in the Biocera water after we have filtered the water in:
- an open cup : SOME HRS
- a closed cup : SOME DAYS
- a bottle water of 500 cc with its cap closed

some months =glass bottle with sealed tightly cap.

What are the factors that affect the stability of anti-oxidants and alkaline properties in Biocera Water?

- Heat (eg. heat the Biocera water in Microwave oven to make a cup of coffee)

BIOCERA alkaline continues in hot or cold ,
but antioxidant reduces according to heat increase.

- Coldness (eg. put a bottle of filtered Biocera water in the fridge)

BIOCERA alkaline, antioxidant are no changes in cold

- Type of storage (eg plastic, glass, stainless steel) used for Biocera water?

glass, stainless with perfects caps continues antioxidant &alkaline

- Duration of storage of Biocera water: PET BOTTLE ,ONLY SOME DAYS.

We recommend to drink right away. We recommend not to store
BIOCERA Alkaline water .

- Movement of water in Biocera water (shaking/stiring the water)? :

No problem. more good more shake

- Our body acidity level?

Each organs are different. But normal healthy organs are ph7.4 alkaline level. But cancer, diabetes, skin problems and diseases are below ph 7.3 in special organs.

- Pre-filter used with BioCera filter such as:
o Distilled water filter (filters water without minerals)
o Alkaline water filter (filters water with minerals)
o Ionised water filter (produces hydrogen ions to neutralize the free radicals in our body)

- Other factors (to name them)? 

BIOCERA filter can use any waters to produce BIOCERA alkaline and antioxidant water. But electric ionizer can not use distilled or low mineral tap waters.

Will the anti-oxidants and alkaline properties remain in the Biocera water when mixed or react with other substances such as: honey, medicine (eg cough drops),  health supplements

Yes, even more neutralize the free radicals, acids in medicine, supplements and improves the antioxidant effects 


Why do our palms feel warm (not all, but most of us) after drinking a glass of Biocera water?

BIOCERA alkaline water molecules are smaller than normal water (BIOCERA NMR : under 51, Energy water/R/O water/Tap water NMR : 120-150), therefore absorption to the capillary is very fast and this improves the blood flow speed. By reason of that some people can feel warm on the special parts.
But several days later they can not feel warm any more.

Our stomachs feel very full after drinking a glass of Biocera anti-oxidant alkaline water for the first few days (taking 1 to 2 glasses per day). Now, our stomachs do not experience the "full" feelings anymore and we can take more glasses BioCera anti-oxidant alkaline water. Why is this so?

BIOCERA alkaline water molecules are easy to be absorbed to the cell of stomach. Therefore some people feel fullness. But several days later they can not feel it any more.

Why do some of us experience constipation after taking Biocera anti-oxidant filter for the first few days?

BIOCERA alkaline water has more minerals than normal water, therefore our intestine has to work more to absorb the minerals, therefore some people can experience the constipation for some days, but several days later there is no more constipation and even no more diarrhea.

(To overcome the constipation, we have to take CleansUp or Immuna with Biocera Anti-oxidant Alkaline water.)

Why do some of us experience "farting" after taking Biocera water?

BIOCERA alkaline water improves the perfect digestion like full combustion of car oils. All kind of foods are c,h,o & n ingredients.
When perfect digestion produces energy calolis and co2,h2o,and nh3 gas. Therefore , "fart " means well digestion.

The oiliness on my face reduces after taking Biocera anti-oxidant alkaline water after 1 day. Why is this so?

Normally, if we eat some foods, it is very difficult to digest perfectly like combustion of car oil, so it produces some acid wastes, and it is urine, excrete and acid perspirations on skins. But if we eat alkaline foods or BIOCERA alkaline waters a lots then oiliness-acid- skins reduced.

Does it imply that Biocera water is more suitable for people with obesity or oily skin and not recommended for thin people or people with normal to dry skin?

Absolutely good for obesity or oily skins. BIOCERA alkaline water improves the absorption of mineral, nutrient for thin people, therefore good for thin peoples.