Why Change Habits?


Animals move instinctively and plants leave their bodies in nature. But human beings are greater than animals and plants because they can fix habits in one mind branch.


The act of childhood remains a habit even as an adult. An optimistic person has a successful mind even he or she becomes an adult, but pessimistic person will have negative effect on their lives. Negative thoughts lead to negative habits and habits, blaming all the time on ‘my body is aching, it is just a waste of time, it cost too much money, it is useless’ and so on.


Like this summer, fruit such as watermelon is a body cooler on this heat. To give affections on the taste of the juicy flesh of the watermelon, you need to take a long process and endure some pain. Take some steps, then you will have fruity cool watermelon on your table.


If you want to change something, you need an optimistic mind and endure pain. For instance, if you have children and want to give a better lives for them, what should you do? One small practice brings great things. It might be difficult on the first step, but it will go off soon. Your first step will result happiness to yourself, your organization, and your clients.


I would like to ask you, how are you doing right now? Whether you are living for yourself or for your family, changing a slight proportion of your old habits will lead to happiness.


If you want a better life tomorrow, start today!


Start with something easy!



Ph. Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag