VOC May Affect Short and Long Term Adverse Health Effects




The cold weather can be the hardest season for the people who suffer allergies such as atopy dermatitis and eczema. Because of the cold temperature outside, people tend to stay in their homes not knowing the risk of indoor allergens. Indoor allergens are familiar as we hear them on the news and newspapers. Household products such as paints, wallpapers, cleaners, and bleach could harm yourself as volatile organic compound gases circulate indoor areas. Besides VOC, dust mites, mold can cause a risk for skin attractions for toxic allergens. Scratching more skin can cause red skin and skin inflammation. It is important to know the fact, staying more indoor during the winter may not be a cozy solution, although the freezing temperature shivers your back.

To avoid allergens and allergy symptoms, ventilating the air to rid of volatile organic compound gases is important. Biocera antibacterial and antimicrobial such as Biocera A could be the solution. Biocera A is FDA approved in safety test and can be applied to household products. The founder and current CEO of Biocera had the same problem for his daughter case. Due to serious allergic symptoms, Dr. Jeon developed an antimicrobial solution agent to help his daughter case. He developed Atozero happy showerhead for skin conditions and Biocera green ball to get rid of residual chlorines which are the cause for atopy dermatitis in water.

Increased exposure to toxic allergens will increase the risk of allergy symptoms or maybe worse. It is important to know the toxic chemicals near you that may affect short and long term adverse health effects in your homes such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), dust mites, and mold. Reducing the triggers and understanding of the quality products such as Biocera may transfer your life to a more eco-friendly and healthy life.



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