Sick House Syndrome

causes allergy



Dr Jeon's case


"My daughter still suffers from sick house syndrome. She sneezes and snots whenever she visit someone's house. Whenever someone shakes off blankets or cleaning the house, she get worse. There are VOC (Voltatile Organic Compound) in the dust especially closets, cosmetics, shampoos, sprays, plastic materials, books, iron nails and new house's floors. It is why it's called sick house syndrome. 

In 1997, I was researching on eliminating VOC in the air purifier and interior walls, using SOL gel technique in nano TiO2 photo catalyst. What I did was changed wallpapers, curtains and furniture in my daughter's bedroom. 

An architectural company requested to add Biocera's photo catalyst in their project. They asked to create new coating paints for the apartment interior that they are building. Biocera's photo catalyst begun from just to cure my daughter's allergy."


Dr. Jeon




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