Greasy Diets Thickens Blood


We apply medicine into the scar when we bleed. Our pH ion are balanced when we are young but as we grow older, we suffer from diseases thickening the blood from annual body exams. The reason for thick blood is clustered red blood cells from inflammation and lack of oxygen. Healthy red blood cells separate from each other. 

However from eating greasy acidic protein contained foods with inert active oxygen, our red blood cells surface changes to (+) and our blood vessels change to (-) creating a sticky environment. When we eat highly protein based foods, we should drink hydrogen water and vegetables that are antioxidant. If we eat too much meat then those in-digested protein will penetrate our blood system, causing blood thickenings and inflammation leading to various diseases. 

To prevent clustered blood and inflammation from happening, we need to acknowledge that we must consume rich alkaline mineral water with alkaline vegetables and fruits in our diet.  

AHA (Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline) water will change your life! Live healthier.
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