Biocera Corporation is participating in AQUATECH AMSTERDAM 2017.

Biocera Corporation will help you discuss technical issues and business for further plans on Biocera ceramic crystal balls, AHA (Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline) water and AA (Antioxidant Alkaline) water.

If you have any questions or interested on going for further business plans, please visit our Biocera booth. Thank you.

[Preventing from Alzheimer’s Disease]
According to the WHO report in 2009, it has been reported that lack of Vitamin B12 resulted in Alzheimer’s disease.
Drinking AHA (Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline) water and AA (Antioxidant Alkaline) water which gives abundant minerals such as Mg, produces abundant hydrogen which removes free radicals, alkalizes pH level and lowers ORP (to negative).