Being truly honest with the readers, I have to admit that I gained 6 pounds over the winter. As spring is around the corner, I began to watch my weight. I have tried eating salads for lunch, and sometimes for dinner as well. Most people would think that eating healthy or losing weight equals going vegetarian (or eating light foods). In fact, lots of cafeterias in universities and workplaces-especially in Seoul-started "vegetable buffet" to be part of the "well-being" trend. Vegetables are known to prevent cardiovascular disorders, obesity, cancer, etc. With low calories, vegetable-only meals continue to be the most popular way of losing weight.


Yet, I have to admit that eating vegetables for three consecutive days made me feel very feeble. While web searching, I found out that suddenly changing the meal plan isn't healthy. If one stops taking meat at all, the body will lack meat-contained nutrients such as protein and irons. Making matters worse, if one even stops drinking milk or eating any kind of dairies, one should watch out the lack of calcium.


If you really want to pursue a vegetarian meal, one should try to replenish the lacking nutrients. For example, good supplements for amino acids can be beans, brown rice and fruits such as kiwi, watermelon, Chinese matrimony vine, etc. Irons in vegetables tend to have relatively less absorptivity and usability in body. When a person lacks iron in the body, he or she would easily feel the fatigue and might show signs of anemia. In fact I have seen my friends stumble due to such reasons. She was recommended to take food or medications to complement lack of iron. Moreover, vegetables have less vitamins-such as Vitamin B1, B2-lack of which can lead to anemia, pancreas disorder, atrophic gastritis, etc. There is high possibility that the vegetarians may also lack Calcium, which can cause osteoporosis and fractures. Anchovies, kelp, and seaweeds can be helpful. In addition to these, adding nuts and sunflower seeds into your salad can help make up for the zinc elements. 


For rapid weight loss, people focus on fruits and vegetables. While eating vegetables help you feel full, we ought to remember that we can't get enough nutrients from them. So how can we stay skinny and healthy at the same time? Drink plenty of water-healthy water. Antioxidant Alkaline Water can be a great supplement for the lack of above-mentioned nutrients. It is proven that the water filtered by Biocera products such as Antioxidant Alkaline Stick or Jug supplies abundant minerals such as Ca, K, Na, and Mg to the body, which help the metabolism. Also, the abundant H2 removes active oxygen (free radicals), which can be cause for multiple fatal diseases. In addition, the water contains small water clusters that super-hydrates the body (up to 3 times, which are also absorbed into body quickly.


So if you want to go vegetarian, do it safely with A.A Water!


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