Wanting to maintain long, shiny, healthy hair, I have always been very careful when choosing shampoos. Last week, I ordered an organic shampoo at an online store, spending 3 times more than the ordinary shampoos at supermarkets. Recently, I have heard people talking and/or writing about the term "no-poo." What is it? 

No-poo (which means no-shampoo") is the modern no-washing movement that is popular among people these days, especially among women. Basically, no-pooing is using "natural substances" such as egg, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar or just plain water instead of shampoo and conditioner. The reasoning behind no-pooing is that chemical detergents in shampoo strip hair of its natural oils, causing the scalp to pump out too much, creating lank hair and a greasy scalp. Free of harsh chemicals, the hair restores its own balance, growing lusciously of its own accord. This claim is unproven but the anecdotal evidence is plentiful and compelling. Supporters of no-poo movement claim that it is not only healthier, but also economical and eco-friendly. 

However, the more people have tried going no-poo, the more side effects are found. Not everyone was successful with no-poo. A blogger who has tried going no-poo for 50 days argued that she had increasing number of pimples in the scalps and forehead. Also, no effect was seen on hair loss prevention. It seems that the success of going no-pooing depends on the type of one's scalp. Using no shampoo could work for those who have dry or semi-dry scalp, but not for those with oily scalp. When oily people stop using shampoo, sebum will be accumulated in the pores and so is the inflammation, worsening hair loss or folliculitis. Also, using a strong acid like vinegar to rinse hair can aggravate dermatitis.


Using or not using shampoo is your choice, depending on the type of your scalp. Having an oily scalp myself, I have decided not to join the movement (Honestly, I cannot live a day without washing my hair). I would rather suggest safer and better way-one that is proven to be good for your hair. Use Biocera's Atozero Happy Showerhead, which will give you moisturized and healthy scalp by preventing aging and by giving moisture effects. How does it work? The softening function of  the filter inside the showerhead changes tap water into clean and soft water by removing chlorine and other substances such as rusts. Also, the ceramic balls inside the showerhead sterilize harmful bacteria. 

Happy Showerhead is good for adults as well as babies, and especially for those who suffer from skin troubles, helping them maintain smooth, faultless skins. Not only that, Happy Showerhead is good in preventing hair loss and damage. 

No worries, be happy with Biocera Ato-zeor Happy Showerhead! 

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