Biocera has always been leading creators of products that make people live happily and stay healthy. Dr. Jeon, Hyoung Tag is the master brain behind all our products that are not just eco friendly but are also a step further in achieving a disease free life. Being  a  specialist in nano ceramic single crystals, Dr. Jeon 's research and development has always been around using these ceramic crystals which possess the property of natural healing and controlling body metabolism to create wonder products that include cosmetics, accessories, shower heads, mists and sprays and even water purifiers.

Dr. Jeon ceramic crystal balls can function even well under extremely high temperature. These ceramic balls come in various sizes and shapes and can be used to balance the pH of water, improve the alkalinity of water there by making the pure water an anti-oxidant which is very good for health. Also these alkaline ceramic Dr Jeon water purifier comes in different varieties like tea bags, baskets etc which are portable as well as easy to use and maintain.

With growing market in abroad, Biocera that was conceived in 1994 specialized in selling novel products like happy shower head that has ceramic balls in the shower head to treat the water that will fall on one's head and keeping the hair fall intact. Also Biocera has its own anti bacterial agent that can be used as disinfectants. Deodorizers, Far infrared ray emitter ball, mist sprays for hydration etc are all wonderful products from Aha Dr. Jeon laboratory.

With far infra red emitter Biocera SB powder and anti oxidant negative ion bracelet one not only can stay fresh and healthy from within, but also can improve their facial glow and also skin texture by hydrating the skin. The small stone ceramic Dr Jeon uses in his experiments have evolved into awesome products that are lifestyle modifiers.

Indeed Korean Dr. Jeon has a mission and vision to keep people safe, sound and healthy.