Every time I go to the school cafeteria, I notice that many of the carbonated drinks are out of stock, not to mention the sparkling water. Personally I haven't spent a penny on sparkling water, as I'm not a fan of its taste. But an increasing number of people these days prefer drinking carbonated water, believing that it is good for digestion and for diet (weight loss). A friend of mine even bought his own soda-maker (carbonator) at home and drink every day. From my understanding, "carbonated drink" contains carbon dioxide. If so, is it true that it is good for our body? 


The answer is NO. According to Professor Chang of Kyunghee University Hospital (Department of Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine), "There is no existing clinical research that proves the special effects of carbonated water in our body." He added, "It is only a temporary change that the carbonated dioxide causes in the stomach." Professor Chang explains that in order for the digestive organ to work well, either the gastrointestinal motility has to be active or the digestive enzymes have to be secreted well. However, the carbon dioxide does not affect both the gastrointestinal mobility and the secretion of digestive enzymes. Then why do people think that drinking carbonated drinks is good for digestion? (In fact, I also remember my friends recommending me to drink a glass of coke or beer when I have indigestion) That is just because whenever we have gas pangs in the stomach, we feel very uncomfortable, and this is when the carbonated drinks cause us to burp, making us feel that the digestion started.


Also, some people believe that carbonated water is helpful for losing weight-which is not proven. Some say that when you drink a glass of carbonated water before meal, you feel full and satisfied, which make you eat less. However, this applies to any kind of water or drinks, not just the carbonated water.  In fact, carbonated drink could aggravate the gastro-oesophageal reflux and could disturb digestion.   This happens when one burps too much as a result of drinking carbonated water, which causes acid reflux, hurting the stomach (from hyperacidity). That is why Professor Chang warns not to drink carbonated water before meal for it dilutes the gastric juice and disturbs the digestion of the food.


Instead of spending more money on buying sparkling water, I would choose rather the proven-to-be healthy water. Proven for its safety and best quality,

Biocera's Antioxidant Alkaline Water  is filtered with the Biocera balls that are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. Why so special? Unlike the carbonated water that might cause hyperacidity, Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water flushes acids in the body.

It contains abundant hydrogen to remove active oxygen while supplying minerals such asCa, K, Na, and Mg that help the metabolism of the body. Moreover, it helps dissolve and excrete bodily wastes from the body.  



So, why the risk of choosing water that is yet to be approved?

Make the best decision. Select what is the best for your body!


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Original Source: Health Chosun

Translated and edited by BIOCERA Staff in New York



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