Spring has arrived both in Seoul and in New York. Yet, annual "unwelcomed" visitor has come too-yellow dust. As the level of yellow (fine) dust continues to remain as "bad," there is an increasing number of people searching for "measures to manage yellow dust." What are some ways to keep respiratory health?


First of all, experts say we should limit outdoor activities on a dusty day. When you must go out for some reasons, make sure to take facemasks, hats and caps in order to minimize the exposure to the dusts. For masks, it is better to use "dust-preventive mask," as it is made of multiple layers of felt, which is denser than normal fiber and it has special filter to block fine dusts. You can find such masks in pharmacies, supermarkets and convenient stores.


On a seriously dusty day, we should pay attention to the health of scalps. This is because dusts, when they stick to hair or scalp, can cause inflammation (skin irritation).  Thus, it is better to avoid using hair-styling products such as hair wax, gel and spray.  Once getting home, you should immediately take a shower to prevent dust from accumulating in your scalp. Use

Happy Showerhead to wash the dirt and moisture your scalp. It is good for adults as well as babies, and for those who suffer from skin troubles, helping them maintain smooth, faultless skin.


Eating healthy is also important to fight yellow dusts. Consuming adequate amounts of fruit and vegetable that are abundant in fiber is good, for it helps excrete dusts and heavy metals. Heavy metals in the body cause oxidation stress, which means that the increased free radicals (active oxygen) in the body destruct the oxidative balance. Therefore antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamin C, B and folic acids help prevent such imbalance. In the similar way, drinking

Antioxidant Alkaline Water is helpful. The ceramic ball filtration has the antioxidant effect that removes free radicals.  Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water improves the reducing power by removing harmful active oxygen in the body. It removes wastes such as acidic wastes, heavy metals and dusts in the body and supplies health sustaining minerals.
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Reference: Health Chosun

Translated and edited by BIOCERA Staff in New York


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