"The smaller a pepper is, the hotter/spicier it could be."


This is a popular saying in Korea, which indicates that despite the size, something can be stronger than expected. This can be the exact expression to describe BIOCERA. Established in 1994, BIOCERA Co. Ltd. is a rapidly grown as the world leader in the field of bioceramics- alkaline water filters, ceramic balls water filter medias, antibacterial hydroxy apatites, negative ion FIR materials, air purifying photo catalysts and applied wellness health care products-washing ball without chemicals detergents, happy shower filters allergy free, energize negative ion bracelet, alkaline jug, alkaline stick, alkaline tea bags, energize cooking stone etc.


Being the world leader in the field of bioceramics, alkaline water filters and wellness products,

the company's pioneering enthusiasm and effort have accelerated in expanding the market and reaching out to the customers in different continents such as North and South Americas, Europe, and Asia, building global networks and focusing on the development of new technology and products for the safety of human beings.

With a strong capacity to develop technology in the field of functional materials such as

ceramic ball media through water activation, alkaline creation, and ORP (antioxidant) hydrogenation reduction;  the antimicrobial control of mold and fungi, which cause health problems; and the nano photo-catalyst control of air and odor, BIOCERA continues to come up with products that highly satisfy the needs of consumers, such as Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter,

BIOCERA's research work or business focuses on three sectors: biomaterials, eco-friendly business, and well - being healthcare products.  Proven of its world's  best  quality,

BIOCERA Ball (also known as BIOCERA Washball, and BIOCERA Laundry ballis popular around the world as an eco-friendly product that enables laundry without detergent, which saves the environment, as well as protect our skins. 

Dedicated to creating hope for the health and happiness of our families and neighbors, Dr. JEON Hyoung- Tag, the founder and the world - renowned expert in the field of nano bioceramics, and BIOCERA continue to participate in international  seminars and fairs, exploring global markets to help the mankind live healthier and happier. According to Dr. Jeon, "Promoting healthier and happier lifestyle of the human beings on this planet has been the most important mission that drives BIOCERA to move forward."

Original Source : Korea News Today (www.koreanewstoday.co.kr)

Translated/Edited by: BIOCERA Staff in New York 


1. World's Top Quality Ceramic Balls- NSF Safety Certified
2. World's Pioneer in Bioceramics 
    Antioxidant Alkaline Water and Ceramic Balls
3. Certified Originality with PCT Patent Intellectual Property

1. Clean Air by     BIOCERA Forest Oxygen Air Booster

2. Clean Water by BIOCERA Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filters-Jug, Stick

3. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Happy Shower Head 

4. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Water Mist

5. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Washing Laundry Ball

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