An interesting article caught my attention this week. "Have you ever suffered from constipation that you had to cancel you date?" Boehringer Ingelheim Korea conducted a survey asking women (aged 20 and above) for their not-so-funny episodes that happened onduring dates-as a result of constipation. See what their responses are.


According to the survey result, out of 1,188 participants, 56% (661 women) answered that they've experienced difficulty in dating due to their or their partner's constipation. The most-selected answer (38%, 507 people) on the most frequent symptom of constipation that made them most embarrassing was when they felt bloated and couldn't help to pass gas (fart!). Other answers that followed were the following:


  • I lost confidence in my appearance as a result of skin troubles (19%, 243 people)
  • I couldn't concentrate on the person (guy) because of the sound that came from my stomach (18%, 235 people)
  • I couldn't fully enjoy the food or coffee (17%, 228 people) and so on.

As we have discussed in our previous newsletter (volume 38 Many Women Suffer from Constipation? what's the Reason?), major concerns that women have with constipation are that it leads to increase in weight (potbelly), as well as psychological pressure, stress, indigestion and even skin problems. 


In order to solve constipation that has been hanging around them with annoying persistence, many have tried different strategies to get rid of constipation-especially relying on dietary treatments. Forty-two percent of the respondents (758 people) answered that they continued to consume fruits, dietary fibers or yogurts while 19% (337 people) said they regularly exercise or stretch their bodies. Only 13% (233 people) said they take laxative (constipation medicine).

Consuming fiber-contained vegetables, fruits, whole grains (whole-wheat bread) and legumes such as lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas is good for constipation. Also, regular exercise enables digestive system to be active and healthy. However, most importantly, one should drink plenty of clean, healthy water - Hydrogen Alkaline Water - and other liquids help prevent constipation.  I've mentioned this several times in previous Biocera Newsletter, but one should drink at least 8 glasses of water. Indeed, a liter(s) of water is sometimes considered the best and fast medicine for constipation. Do you want to enjoy a happy, constipation-free date? 

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