When our body lacks even 1% of water, it sends out a "I'm thirsty" signal from head to toe.  Let us see how water affects our body and mind by answering the questions below:






 Answers & Explanations


1. I feel exhausted when my body lacks water.                                                                     [True  or False]


Making energy requires at least 75% of water in cells. If a person doesn't drink water regularly, the body cannot gain full energy resulting in fatigue.  



2.  I feel dizzy when my body lacks water.                                                                            [True  or False]


94% of blood is made up of water. When we lack water, our blood pressure drops, giving headaches or dizziness.



3. I can have indigestion when my body lacks water.                                                           [True  or False]


The process of digestion requires water from beginning to the end. Therefore, lack of water give rise to malfunctioning of systems in stomach, intestines and etc.


4. Constipation has nothing to do with lack of water in the body.                                          [True  or False]


Water makes the body waste smooth, making it easier to pass small and large intestines.


5. Body smell has relationship with water.                                                                             [True  or False]


Water in body can be execrated through perspiration and urination - together with waste. However, when the body lacks water, the concentration becomes high, giving more smell.


6. Lack of water in body results in fever.                                                                               [True  or False]


Water acts as a balancer of temperature in our body. People can have sunstroke from lack of water in the body.



7. When my face blushes, it means my body lacks water.                                                   [True  or False]


Brain comprises of 85% of water. Therefore it reacts sensitively to even a little shortage of water.  When not supplied with adequate amount of water, the brain expands the blood vessels, increases the blood flow rate, which affects the color of the face. This is why the alcoholics have red nose as alcohol dries up the brain.



8. I cannot have deep sleep when my body lacks water.                                                      [True  or False]


Our body constantly produces water even when we're asleep. Breathing and perspiration during sleep make our body lose water. Therefore drink an adequate amount of water during the day and drink about ¼ glass of water before going to bed.


9. Concentration has nothing to do with water.                                                                      [True  or False]



10. Memory loss has nothing to do with water.                                                                      [True  or False]


To concentrate on one thing, it requires lots of energy. The more water is supplied in brain, the  more energy can be created, allowing it to put more information in the "memory bank." Lack of water in blood causes lack of water in brain cells, which then decreases the supply of oxygen and nutrition transferred by red cells.This eventually give rise to malfunctioning of brain cells.



11. Lack of water can give potbelly (fat around stomach).                                                    [True or False]


Lack of water in body decreases the ability of hormones. When there is lack of hormones, our body gains weight (especially the growth hormone and female hormone) around our stomach. Lack of growth hormone decreases the amount of muscles and increases abdominal fat while lack of female hormone  creates and accumulates cholesterol/fats in stomach or liver.





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Source: Health Chosun

Translated by BIOCERA Staff in New York