Along with inflammation, stress, heavy metals, low oxygen conditions and acidity, dehydration is another primary cause of disease that eventually leads to cancerCancer and inflammation are bedfellows and we can easily understand the connection between inflammation and chronic dehydration. Nothing kills a person faster than dehydration and we see this in full evidence with Ebola victims.



What happens when the body's dehydrated?


When dehydrated the body will attempt to conserve water by preventing unnecessary water loss. A large amount of water is normally lost from the lungs as water vapor through expired air. Histamine, which also controls bronchial muscle contractions, restricts water loss through expiration by constricting the bronchial muscles. Signs of dehydration include headache, dark urine and constipation. Dehydration has been shown to increase production of histamine leading to a general, widespread inflammatory response.This complicates the Cytokine Storms that come for Ebola patients and that is why rehydration is one of the principle treatments for Ebola.


Dehydration, which can lead to cancer formation through chronic inflammation, includes the below long-term consequences to our physiology. When virulent viruses strike in the case of Ebola the damage can be swift as cells lose voltage and oxygen and simply start shutting down killing the patient.





Dehydration =>  ?

  • DNA damagewhich can lead to mutant (cancerous) cells.
  • Acid-alkaline balance. When dehydrated and urine output is diminished, acid waste accumulates in weak or vulnerable areas of the body. It is well known that a cancerous body is acidic.
  • Cell receptor damage. Chronic dehydration causes enzymatic changes that lead to numerous problems with cellular communication and hormonal balance.
  • Immune system suppression. Dehydration suppresses the immune system because histamine production in the body is increased, which also increases the production of a chemical called vasopressin, a strong suppressor of the immune system.


Water is the Solution to Ebola?


Water is the primary transport of oxygen to the cells. Water is also the primary transport for the removal of toxins out of the cells and out of the body so we can readily understand that dehydration quickly leads to pathology and eventually to cancer as cells switch from normal oxygen respiration to fermentation.With Ebola, lack of oxygenation and toxin accumulation make the body more vulnerable to the virus.


Water shortages create oxygen shortages as well as acid pH so water- a healthy, mineral-rich water likeAntioxidant Alkaline Water-is a serious medicine -it cures dehydration and makes the difference between life and death for Ebola and influenza patients. Hope we can see more number of patients being cured with rehydration and re-mineralization.  




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