During the holidays, I went back home to celebrate the New Years with my family. One evening, I've noticed that my uncle gained weight-the conspicuously bigger belly proved it. Many people often gain weight at the end of the year from countless parties and eat-outs. (I personally gained a few pounds) However, my uncle should have paid more attention on his weight. This is because he is a diabetic patient. According to Kim, the President of Korean Diabetes Association (KDA),

people with diabetes should not only pay attention to the blood sugar level, but also control their blood pressure, cholesterol and the weight to avoid death caused by cardio-cerebrovascular disease.



One of the main causes of diabetes is obesityDiabetes occur when insulin-producing cells in pancreas do not function properly, which then leads to increase in glucose concentrations in the blood, followed by the symptoms such as overeating, high blood pressure, hyperuresis, etc. Also, with impaired pancreatic function, acidic wastes are accumulated in the boy and people become overweight because of fatty acids. Obesity causes not only diabetes but also blood pressures and dyslipidemia, also making them hard to be treated.



Kim says, "An integrated management (control) including weight control is necessary for diabetic patients but this is not happening in reality, as many people lack understanding." In fact recent survey by KDA shows that about 6.5 percent of all diabetic patients are controlling their blood sugar level, blood pressure and LDL Cholesterol-below the recommended level. Patients maintaining the average blood sugar level were 26.3 percent and those who sustain the average blood pressure level were 51.2 percent.


Controlling glycated hemoglobin (A1c), blood pressure and cholesterol level is crucial to diabetic patients. As there are limitations to relying solely on medications, however, a balanced diet and exercise should not be neglected. Losing five to seven percent of weight through changing lifestyles and habits will help delay or prevent the development of diabetes.

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Reference: Health Chosun, Dr. Jeon's Cure the Incurable

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