"Can I get a cup of tea, please?"

For the past week, I had a four-day conference in Maryland. During the conference, I had countless cups of tea and coffee instead of water. I knew coffee had caffeine and overconsumption is not good for health. But I always thought that tea-especially green tea-has diuretic effect, which enables the removal of bodily wastes. However, I realized that the more I drink tea, the thirstier I become. Why is that so?


According to bbc.com, people around the globe drink 1.6 billion cups of coffee and around twice as many cups of tea every day. Moreover, caffeinated drinks affect the water intake people are told to drink every day-especially during winter. This especially affects the women who love to drink tea. Some people believe that the drinks like coffee and tea count towards the daily liquid total (recommended: 8 glasses of water a day), but actually those drinks are dehydrating. This is because the diuretic effect they cause results in the removal of water inside the body, which when repeated, could lead to chronic dehydration followed by other diseases.




▶If you answered ① to more than 4 questions, there is a tendency that you might have chronic dehydration. If your body lacks water, the amount of urine decreases and it naturally leads to constipation. Also, the function of the skin to maintain the body temperature does not work well, which makes you become more sensitive to the temperature. Alcohol has stronger diuretic effect than coffee, which deprives us of water/moisture in the body.





Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and every system depends on water. However, coffee and tea are not water and therefore cannot replace the water that our body needs. As water is important for healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as controlling body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, we should find ways to drink more water, in replace of tea and water. How can we change the habit of drinking tea instead of water? Well, here's a simple, smart way.


Take advantage of Biocera's Dr. Jeon Antioxidant Alkaline Hydrogen Pyramid! Using Dr. Jeon A.A Hydrogen Pyramid makes people's lives simpler. Composed of NSF-certified safe ceramic balls inside a tea bag, Dr. Jeon A.A Hydrogen Pyramid enables us to drink healthy water, but gives the feeling that you're enjoying tea with your friends. Dr. Jeon A. A Hydrogen Pyramid has two aspects of benefits. First, it provides us with healthy water because the ceramic balls inside the teabag alkalizes the water (enabling the pH to go up and the ORP to go down) and minimizes water clusters. Also, it has antioxidant function just like the Vitamin C. Not only that, as it dissolves easily even in cold water, you don't have to waste time in boiling water and dissolving tea. What is more is that it is reusable- up to 14 times a week! Can you believe it? So, what are you waiting for?


Reduce the amount of tea and coffee. Drink more water and be healthier!






References: health.chosun.com

Edited by BIOCERA Staff in New York














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