Big thanks to everyone who visited BIOCERA booth with great interest last August 6 to 8 at the FIME International Medical Expo (hereby FIME Expo). FIME Expo 2014 was held at Miami Beach Convention Center. The three-day expo is a highly renowned event among the medical field for exhibiting allergy products, biopsy needles, cardiology equipment, blood pressure equipment and etc. never fails in attracting large number of buyers and sellers from all over the world. The expo featured four major sectors including Medical Technology, Medical Products and Suppliers, Medical Services, and Medical Equipment. Same as last year,  BIOCERA  had a great success in FIME, welcoming lots of visitors and buyers as well as publicizing its brand name and products to North American and South American regions. 



Check out the photos below, which summarizes BIOCERA at FIME 2014.








BIOCERA Booth always wins attentions of many visitors at FIME.








 A couple who has driven FIVE hours just to meet with Dr. Jeon.

Thank you very much for your interest.







Two lawyer visitors and the Mexican distributor couple, who supported BIOCERA to the fullest at FIME 2014.




                                   A doctor from Peru and his wife.
















One of our popular products:





   This is a photo of people who eagerly publicize BIOCERA at the Booth

 : Dr. Jeon's two daughters and the offsprings of a Mexican distributor.









Did you miss the FIME 2014 and you regret not coming? Don't worry. BIOCERA will be coming for the WQA (Water Quality Association) Aquatech USA 2015, which will be hold from April 20 - 23, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. So, please save the date


After the three-day visit at Miami, Dr. Jeon is still busy meeting buyers and customers from all over United States! BIOCERA will continue to work for the health and happiness of the consumers all over the world. Kindly continue to be our great supporters.


For more information, check out our past newsletter and learn more about Biocera new product, Forest Oxygen Air Booster







1. World's Top Quality Ceramic Balls- NSF Safety Certified
2. World's Pioneer in Bioceramics 
    Antioxidant Alkaline Water and Ceramic Balls
3. Certified Originality with PCT Patent Intellectual Property

1. Clean Air by     BIOCERA Forest Oxygen Air Booster

2. Clean Water by BIOCERA Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filters-Jug, Stick

3. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Happy Shower Head 

4. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Silver Ion Spray

5. Clean Body by  BIOCERA Washing Laundry Ball

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