It's scorching outside in New York. It almost makes me want to stay home all day to avoid the heat. Hot weather not only makes you feel exhausted, but in some serious cases, it can put one into death. In fact, this is why we need special care during summer time. Summer is especially hard for some type of people. 


As Department of Disease Management in Korea has designated, the old people, infants, highly obese patients, and patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and etc. have difficulties and high health risks in summer. As they are highly vulnerable to climate changes, whenever they are exposed to the sun for a long time, it is likely for them to get stroke, angina, cardiovascular risks and heatstroke (sunstroke).


Normally, human body reacts fast to the changes in temperature. However, infants and babies have lack of ability to excrete sweats and to control environment; even if the temperature rises, the body does not react to it. This is also the case for the aged or patients. As they are in a state of cardiopulmonary dysfunction, lack of water in water can put them into deadly situations.



If that is so, how can they "people with high risks in summer" deal with midsummer heat?



  • People should be cautious with pneumonia. People think that pneumonia is a "winter disease" but it can be affected in summer too. Especially for the old who have weak respiration muscles have higher possibility to get pneumonia during rainy seasons, as the lung elasticity has weakened. When this happens, bacteria and virus-affected air enters and remains in the lung, resulting in inflammation. In order to prevent pneumonia in summer, experts strongly recommend people above the age of 65 to get penumooccal vaccination in advance.

  • People with high blood pressure or diabetes should also pay attention to midsummer risks. For high blood pressure patients, cold showers and over usage of air conditioners should be avoided. Cold water and air will make blood vessels, which have expanded due to the hot temperature, to drastically contract and this will eventually decrease the amount of blood that goes to heart and elevate the blood pressure. Therefore, it is  
    recommended to take shower in water with 33~36˚ 
    C and maintain the indoor-outdoor temperature difference to about 4~5˚C.  

  • Diabetic patients, when exposed to heat, can suffer from dehydration, which temporarily elevates the blood sugar level (as the blood becomes watered-down) and aggravates complications. Hence, it is recommended to stay home and refrain from staying under the sun for a long time. Also, instead of heavily relying on ice creams and icy beers, it is healthier to drink at least 2 liters of fresh Antioxidant Alkaline water every day.



Midsummer heat is not only dangerous to the above-mentioned people. All of us should be aware of the health risks that climate/temperature changes bring. Make sure to drink a lot of water (at least 8 glasses of fresh, clean, healthy Antioxidant Alkaline water ) to avoid dehydration and other diseases.


(*For your information, as similar to showering, drinking lukewarm water is better than drinking cold water.)



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