A couple of months ago,

I was diagnosed with Shingles-which is a painful skin rash caused by the varicella zoster virus (Webmd.com). According to my doctor, the reason why I got this was mainly as a result of weak immune systems, resulted from stress, injury, certain medicines or other reasons. Experts claim that lack of immunity can be the major cause for the occurrence of some fatal diseases. Therefore, for this week's newsletter, Biocera points out the six habits in people that may give rise to the malfunctioning of immune system. We hope to help our customers to live a healthy life with strong immunity. 




1) Sweet-eaters


When people consume, it is not ONLY the weight that goes up. According to study reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when one consumes 100g of sugar (which equals to 3 cans of sodas), the white blood cell's ability to fight off bacteria greatly decreases. This phenomenon continues up to 5 hours upon consumption.



2) Overweight    


Being overweight is detrimental to heart, brain, other organs, not to mention the immune system. It is said that most people who suffer from swine flu had BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 and above-Extremely obese. Overweight causes imbalance in hormones as well as inflammation, and inflammation as a result impairs the immune system's ability to fight infection.



3) Lack of Water Consumption


Human beings need water to detox. Although it is recommended that people take at least 8 glasses (2L) of water per day, the adequate amount of water that one should consume depends on a person (case by case!). If the color of your urine is light yellow, this signals that you are on the right track-drinking an adequate amount of water. If not, you should increase the amount of water consumption. Drinking coffee or tea may help, but it is highly recommended to drink clean, Antioxidant Alkaline Water that is healthy for your body.



4) Contaminated Water Consumption   


In addition to drinking water, the quality of water matter. It is not an exaggeration to say that the safety of water can result into a severe disease. A research team at Dartmouth University Medical Center conducted a study on this. The team injected swine flu to two groups of rats. Then they provided one group with clean water and the other with contaminated water. After five weeks, the activity of the immune system in rats, which were given contaminated water, noticeably decreased; moreover half of them died. On the other hand, rats with clean water did have swine flu, but most of them recovered from disease. This shows the importance of drinking clean, fresh water.



5) Extremely Dry Nose


Did you know that having a runny nose helps get rid of virus from our body? In fact, "nasal discharge (formal term for runny nose)" is good for preventing flu and/or influenza as it helps execrate virus out of our body. However, when we have a dry nose/nasal passage, this makes easier for the pathogenic bacterium to invade our body. Whenever you feel like your nose is very dry, try rinsing it with salt water. Or, it is even better to take advantage of humidifiers. The new Biocera Forest Air not only removes carbon dioxide, VOCs and other acidic gases and produces oxygen, but it actually has a deodorant effect to eliminate the stress of the body.



6) Extreme Stress!


Last but not least, according to a report by American Psychology Association (APA), having a long-term stress weakens the responses of immune system. Remember that when one has both flu and stress at the same time, this can be a BIG alert for your immune system.








Original Source: Health Chosun

Translation by Biocera Staff in New York




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