Finally, the weather is getting warmer starting last week. In Korea, it is said that the number of people enjoying the sunlight during lunch has noticeably increased. Although it still feels like winter in New York, the temperature is expected to go up in a few days. 

As soon as it is starting to thaw, people immediately look for cold foods and beverages. Some people just love consuming Frappuccino and ice creams. The only concern is that they might from toothache. In fact, statistics tell us that 1 out of 7 people (adults) said that they often suffer from toothache (pain from feeling cold). Today, we will discuss the reasons behind this. What are some of the factors giving pain in our teeth?


When we eat cold foods such as cold noodles and fruits, our teeth ache. This is a bit different from the pain that we feel due to cavities, but a sharp pain, which usually follows contact of the tooth with hot or cold liquids that travel and stimulate our nerve. Usually, it is not uncommon for us to pain a little bit of sharp pain when we drink cold beverages. However, when the pain gets worse, one should visit the hospital, as this is a signal that the dentine is exposed. Exposed dentine is usually caused by excessive or incorrect brushing that results in the exposure of
the tooth root surface and causes tooth sensitivity to cold fluids or air. 


Of course, the best way to prevent such pain is to visit dentist regularly and get check-up. Also, when you feel even a slight pain in your teeth when you consume cold foods and drinks, one should avoid acidic foods, which can melt teeth. For example, for those who love to eat cold noodles (naeng-myeon), put only a few drops of vinegar before eating. This is because the vinegar has pH of 3.3, which is considered a strong acid. Compared to this, our mouth's pH is 5.5 (slightly acidic) and thus, strong acid below this level may damage the enamel of our teeth. (The acid causes demineralization, a process in which the minerals inside the tooth enamel are dissolved) Similarly, one should avoid drinking acidic beverages. If you sip a soda throughout the day, the bacteria in your mouth may be constantly producing acid and this can cause sensitivity in the short term and tooth decay in the long term.  


Instead of drinking strong acidic beverages, but change your habit into drinking healthy, clean water? Antioxidant Alkaline Water.  
Drinking alkaline water will 
not only help you refrain from getting stomachaches (from too much acidic foods) but also from suffering from toothaches! Think wise and drink wise for the health
and happiness of your future!


   Reference: Health Chosun  

     Translation: Biocera Staff in New York  

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