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Introducing Biocera Forest Air



Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, Exhale. 

WAIT. Before you breathe, how confident are you about the air you breathe? 

Do you know that most stuff & yellow dusts around us today is comprised of various chemical compounds, and that it can harbor and shed harmful substances? 


Above all, because the air we breathe in every single moment is easy to be polluted by chemicals contained in everyday stuff, it can affect our bodies all the faster. Therefore, our mission is to make the environment better for everyone by lowering CO2 & VOCs in the air we breathe and by creating clean oxygen through our new product Biocera Forest Air! 






Biocera Forest Air is an oxygen booster that contains 

Biocera tech materials fresh oxygen  generating as soon as contact air cartridges & FDA, CE & NSF-certified ceramic balls. Not only does it eliminate  yellow dusts,carbon dioxide, acid gases, and other VOCs like SOx, NOx, etc., but it also makes the air refreshing with negative ion . The Biocera tech materials inside maximize the air-purifying function of the cartridges by collecting dusts, pollutants in the air. The Biocera balls inside and the phytoncide cartridge generate rich negative ions and phytoncide fragrances emitted in a forest. It relieves stress and increases the metabolism of the body. It helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to the Low Carbon Green Growth.






Generates oxygen without power and supplies a fresh wood's anion

Removes yellow dusts, carbon dioxide, a cause of headache and dizziness

Removes the toxic acidic gas such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

Removes the materials that cause Sick House Syndrome such as aldehydes, volatile organic compounds, bathroom odors

Relieves stress, provides stability, and has deodorization effect with phytoncide scent in a forest

Reduces fatigue substances by collecting dust in the air and VOC, enhancing a deodorizing effect, and stabilizing autonomic nervous system


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