ALERT: High Blood Pressure!  
When we watch a Korean drama or movie, we would often see how a person?usually an old man or woman?holds his or her neck and falls down. This happens to a person with high blood pressure, as the stress level causes a sudden increase in blood pressure. In some serious cases, the sudden collapse can lead to death. 
In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure is closely related with the heart disease or stroke?about half of patients who die of such diseases are due to high blood pressure). 

What is blood pressure? 
We say that a person is suffering from high blood pressure when his or her blood pressure is above the maximum blood pressure of 140mmHg and minimum blood pressure of 90mmHg. There can be many factors?genetic, environmental and psychological?that causes high blood pressure: family history, smoking, aging, lack of exercise, obesity, stress and excessive intake of salt. Moreover, imbalance of minerals results in the loss of ability to regulate osmotic pressure. If this happens, the blood will be in high concentration as it loses water. (From Dr. Jeon's book - Cure the Incurable, pp.73-74) 
These days, as there is a huge daily temperature range, one should be careful about the blood pressure variability. (Literally, this means that depending on the temperature change, one's blood pressure changes) Some studies report that this can lead to 6 times higher risk in stroke. 

What is the possible treatment? 
One can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by elevating the "blood pressure controlling ability" through dietary treatment and/or change in lifestyles. For instance, since high intake of salt can be one of the major causes of high blood pressure, drinking water can lower the salt concentration in the body and correct the mineral imbalance. Magnesium in mineral-rich water relaxes the blood vessel, helping the preventing of different types of vascular diseases.  
Also, as it is known to be a typical anti-stress mineral, Magnesium protects the blood vessels from the shock caused by sudden change in blood pressure due to stress. In this way, Antioxidant Alkaline Water, which is rich in minerals, can help prevent the blood pressure problems.
Last but not least, the most important thing to remember is to refrain from getting too much stress. I know this is difficult, but controlling your mood is extremely helpful. Try to relax yourself for 10-15 minutes, go for a walk when you feel stressed. This can prevent you from the sudden change in blood pressure and live a healthy life.