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Spring is a wonderful season, when people spend a lot of time outdoor, enjoying picnics at parks and spare time for cherry blossom festivals. However, as soon as we welcome the arrival of spring, here comes an unwanted guest-
yellow dust.

The dust, which starts from deserts to the west of China, reaches Korea and Japan, and sometimes across the Pacific carried by the wind. Yellow dust is something that must be taken seriously, as it brings toxic metals such as lead and cadmium. When these harmful metals are accumulated in our body, they can cause stress and inflammation. Some experts even say that yellow dust can do more harm than obesity. As these heavy materials enter our body through respiratory and digestive organs, yellow dust is especially harmful to people who have weaker immune system such as children, the elderly and pregnant women. 





One solution is to strengthen our protective mechanism by drinking lots of water, at least eight glasses of  
Antioxidant Alkaline Water daily. 


This is because whenone lacks liquid, the mucous membrane in the respiratory system gets dry, making it easier for harmful materials to enter the body. Antioxidant Alkaline Water is especially helpful since it is proven to be helpful in preventing oxidative stress caused by heavy metal. Aside from healthy drinking, consuming enough fruits, vegetables, whole grain rice, seafood and meat (rich in zinc) is advisable. 


As yellow dust is harmful for our inner body, it is deleterious for the skin as well. This is because aforementioned materials such as lead and cadmium brought by the yellow dust causes inflammation in the sebaceous glands then skin troubles. Of course, the best way to protect your body from the yellow dust is not to be exposed to it. However, since we cannot stay indoors all day, one should be mindful to completely get rid of it as soon as we get home. Biocera products can help you to say goodbye to the yellow dust. Try to follow these steps: wash
your clothes using  Biocera Washbaland wash your body with Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead. It is really important to wash away the dust, bodily wastes and skin oil. Quick treatment and care are best solutions to protect one's body. Moreover, when the yellow dust alert is announced, close the windows and turn on the Biocera Forest Air.  
This new product not only removes yellow dusts, but it also makes the air refreshing with negative ion. 

Biocera Foresh Air is an oxygen booster that contains Biocera tech materials which maximize the air-purifying function of the cartridges by collecting dusts, pollutants in the air. 

The Biocera balls inside and the phytoncide cartridge generate rich negative ions and phytoncide fragrances emitted in a forest. It relieves stress and increases the metabolism of the body. It helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to the Low Carbon Green Growth. 



Now, you need not be afraid of the yellow dust. With Biocera products, you can protect yourself-both inner and outer body from the Yellow Dust! For product inquiry, visit our official webpage at or send us an email  





Generates oxygen without power and supplies a fresh wood's anion

Removes yellow dusts, carbon dioxide, a cause of headache and dizziness

Removes the toxic acidic gas such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

Removes the materials that cause Sick House Syndrome such as aldehydes, volatile organic compounds, bathroom odors

Relieves stress, provides stability, and has deodorization effect with phytoncide scent in a forest

Reduces fatigue substances by collecting dust in the air and VOC, enhancing a deodorizing effect, and stabilizing autonomic nervous system



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