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HAIR LOSS WhyShampoo Time? Showerhead? Food?


Mike Kim (22, alias) has the biggest concern these days - hair fall. Since his senior year, he felt that his hair began falling off as a result of stressful life, studying all day. When he was done with the SAT or the college entrance exam, he thought such symptom would naturally disappear and that he will recover to "fullness." Contrary to his expectation, however, his hair continues to fall out and now he can evidently tell that he's starting to get a little thin on top. 


People often think that men have higher chances of suffering from the hair loss.

However, getting thinner hair can happen to women, especially in their early age (sometimes even in adolescent age!). According to the report given out by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in Korea, there were 100,998 males and 93,737 females who answered that they suffer from hair loss. The number of people in their ages 20-30 continues to increase. 
What could be the major causes of hair fall, 

especially for women? 


Baldness can be hereditary. However, hair fall can also be ascribed to a number of factors: lack of exercise, irregular lifestyles, overconsumption of fast food, over-drinking of alcohol and smoking, not to mention the frequent hair-dyeing and perming of hair. 


Indeed, perming or dyeing one's hair can give negative outcome in hair's volume and fullness. The more you perm, the higher chances of suffering from hair loss! Moreover, many people prefer to cleanse their hair in the morning. However, it is better to shampoo your hair before going to bed. This is because the mixture of sebum and sweat in the scalp produced during the day as well as the (invisible yet existing) dirt in the air cover up the pores in the hair, which can cause infection/inflammation in the hair.


More importantly, excessive diets such as skipping meals or trying one-food diet can result into the lack of necessary nutrients in our body such as protein and vitamins. When our body is deficient of nutrients, the amount of nutrients that are supposed to be delivered to hair and scalp decreases, thereby making our hair thinner and thinner. In this case, even a smooth combing will make your hair fall out. Thus, instead of dramatically reducing the amount of food you eat or insisting on a one-food diet, it is highly advised to exercise regularly and try to have a balanced diet (reduce the amount of fast food and junk food).



Having healthy habits such as eating the right food, drinking the right water(Antioxidant Alkaline Water) and exercising regularly is the key to prevent hair loss. In addition to the water we drink, we should pay attention to the water we use in shower. Choosing the right showerhead that prevents hair loss and damage (Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead) can be important thing to note for those who suffer from hair loss. 


Remember that Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead changes the water into chlorine-free, clean and soft water by softening function. Moreover, it not only removes floating substances such as rusts, but the ceramic balls inside the showerhead actually sterilize harmful bacteria! This is why Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead is highly used by mothers for infants and recommended by those who suffer from atopy.If you want to know more about Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead, click on the link below to view the video.


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