Biocera News 40 : Arthritis Alert in Rainy Seasons



Especially during the rainy season, the change in air pressure and high humiditygive rise to the increase in pressure and expands the inner part of the joints, thereby stimulating the nervous system and elevating the pain. Then, is there no way to alleviate the pain? What is arthritis in the first place?  

What is Arthritis? 
Arthritis results from the damage in cartilage, which is caused by the accumulation of acids. When the cartilage, which acts as a buffer between joints, is damaged, it later leads to the outbreak of inflammatory changes. The types of arthritic disease and its causes vary widely. One of the major types of arthritis is degenerative arthritis, which occurs mainly due to abrasions or infections in joints and the aging process. In case of rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, it affects not only the joints, but also different parts of the body. 

How to Alleviate the Pain? 

As there is no effective treatment in curing arthritis, people often take painkillers. However, consuming pain-relieving pills, which are acidic, is not recommendable since it may accelerate the irritation of joints. Instead, exercising such as walking and swimming promotes the circulation of blood, strengthens the muscles and reduces the pain. 

Indeed, building strong and healthy bones is significant in preventing arthritis.

Calcium is the most important nutrition in an arthritis patient

Consuming too much salty or fast (instant) food aggravates degenerative arthritis. This is because sodium element in the food removes the calcium in bones. Also, when the acidity increases, the body lacks alkalinity and this hinders neutralization. Here again, calcium in the body is lost in order to compensate the loss and to maintain the pH balance.

Therefore, one should remember that maintaining pH balance and the calcium content is crucial.


One way of doing so is by drinking the Antioxidant Alkaline Water every day and avoiding food or drinks with caffeine. 






Other tips:  

- Exercise in the evening (not in the mid-day); 1~2 hours after dinner 

- Maintain the indoor humidity (50%) during rainy seasons

- Avoid too much cold air from Air Conditioner or electric fans

- Always carry a light outerwear 

- Take shower with lukewarm water 




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