Last week's newsletter provided some brain-healthy lifestyles to prevent Alzheimer's disease (regular exercise, healthy diet, mental stimulation etc.) This time, we are going to focus on the skin, which many women will be interested in : 
what are the foods that should be avoided to maintain young, wrinkle-free skin? 


The answer is that you don't need to spend a fortune in purchasing costly beauty products or cosmetics. In fact, what you eat is more important than what you put on your skin.  So, put down your anti-aging cream and read this.  Starting from now, get rid of the foods and drinks listed below from your diet in order to protect your skin from aging. 




Bacon : Yes. People's favorite breakfast menu, bacon, unfortunately is considered one of the foods that give you wrinkles. This is because bacon-processed meat-contains nitrates, which cause inflammation, which ages you. 


Chocolate : Bad news for all the choco-holics! You would probably heard thousand times how sugar ages you.  In fact, a high-sugar diet damages proteins in your skin, including collagen and elastin, two proteins that help us look young. When these proteins become damaged our skin becomes washed out, it sags and it may become wrinkled. So one should limit the intake of chocolates and other high-sugar foods and drinks if you don't want to be wrinkle-full
Chips : My best friend Kiera never forgets to buy potato chips when we go to the movie theater. Well, now I have to stop her from buying chips because as chips are high in salt, this can cause all sorts of problems within your body. For example, salt causes us to retain water. Fluid retention not only leads to bloating, but it also causes bags under the eyes. And as you know, bags can add years to your face.Also, chips contain trans fats, which can cause inflammation and age her.  Instead, Kiera should try out the foods that are rich in "healthy fats (e.g. omega-3)"  such as avocados, walnuts, tofu and salmon.


Coffee : This is getting harder as soon as I saw coffee on the list. I am a person who cannot start a day without a double-shot coffee. However, I should watch out my coffee consumption this is because coffee, like alcohol, acts as a diuretic. This means that coffee makes you wee more, which dehydrates you and therefore makes your skin look dull and dry.


Pasta : Surprisingly, eating pasta can age your skin too. This is because too much processed carbohydrates can damage your skin's collagen. When your collagen becomes depleted you are more likely to develop wrinkles.

Now we know how hard it is to maintain a young, wrinkle-free skin. However, this newsletter is not to discourage you or stop you from consuming the above-mentioned foods for your lifetime. In fact, if ever you eat foods that can dehydrate you, then remember consuming lots healthy water that are full of minerals, just like the Antioxidant Alkaline Water, which will make you look younger!








Edited by: Biocera Staff in New York





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