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My Grandma Got Younger? 

What's the Secret behind her skincare?


Sometimes we often hear people say, "Life is unfair." Well, it may be true in some ways but not in terms of "aging": No one can escape the unwelcomed lifetime friends on each person's face and body-wrinkles! Interestingly, researches show that people's skin can "age" faster when exposed to the sun. Hmm... is there any way for us to re-vitalize our skin and make us look younger?



There is a saying, "You are what you eat." Indeed, if one wants to get younger-I mean look younger-he or she needs to watch out the food they consume.Here is the list of food that will make your skin resilient (taut).





  • Beans has not only a great antixodiant activity effect but also it lowers the cholesterol level in our body, thereby preventing sclerosis of the arteries as well as heart disease. Especially black beans have abundant anthocyanin pigments and immense anti-aging effects.
  • Broccoli contains great calcium and fiber but it is known for its antioxidant contents such as Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. Not only that, it also has anti-cancer effect, reducing the cancer occurrence risk factors.
  • Spinach is a symbolic anti-aging food that has lots of Vitamin A and C. Spinach is also rich in folic acid, iron and magnesium, which make it a must-eat food for growing children and teens.
  • Tomato prevents aging and heart disease. The lycopene component in tomato, which has the most effective natural antioxidant-carotenoid-prevents the aging of skin.
  • Fruits such as apricot and avocado are also good for skin resilience.
    Avocado containsunsaturated fatty acid, protein, minerals and vitamin E. Apricot also has carotenoid component which prevents heart disease and is especially good for longevity of life.



Another important factor in skin aging is the water.
Why is that so? This is because salt in our body reduces the water between cells, which is also penetrated by a small amount of water. And this results in the form of "dehydration." Dehydration aggravates the skin aging and accelerates "wrinkle-ing" process. This can be proven by the fact that the water content of a human body, which is often 70-80% at the time of birth, reduces to 45-55% before death! 






Reference: Health Chosun




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