Winter is the time when you can cover your fats with multiple layers of clothes. But of course, only you know that the belly fat still exists underneath; it's never gone. That's not the problem. I just found out this morning that there are studies saying that having a "beer belly" significantly increases the risk for sudden cardiac death (!).


Sudden cardiac death is the result of an electrical malfunction that causes the heart to beat irregularly. It is not the same as a heart attack, which results from a failure of blood circulation to the heart, but accounts for about half of all cardiac-related deaths. Those who died suddenly had higher rates of other cardiac risk factors, including obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and more. But independent of these factors, those with the highest waist-to-hip ratio had more than double the risk of sudden cardiac death compared with those in the normal range. "Abdominal obesity is much more inflammatory, much worse than general obesity."


Surprisingly, carrying excess fat around the waist can be more dangerous than carrying it elsewhere, such as the hips or the thighs. Abdominal fat puts people at greater risk for heart disease and cancer compared with people who have a similar body mass index (BMI) but who carry their fat in other parts of the body.


People drinking beer a lot often have belly fat (also known as the "beer belly"). Others who do not go to the bathroom frequently (excrete bodily waste) and suffer from constipation might have more fats concentrated in the belly. Not many people care about the existence (?) of belly fats. However, now that we know how it can lead to sudden cardiac-related deaths, we need to make a make a significant effort to reduce cardiac risk by weight loss, diet and exercise.


Abdominal exercise like sit-ups might help. However, one should change the lifestyle of avoiding heavy drinking and rather having the habit of drinking healthy water (8 glasses per day) like Antioxidant Alkaline Water can help you to treat constipation, have smooth blood circulation, and save you from possible cardiac risk factors!       the more:








Original Source: New York Times Blog; Medical News Today


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