"Summer always makes skin thirsty."

In summer, many people enjoy different activities-both outdoor and indoor. However, did you know that makes your skin very dry, even drier than winter season? When you're under the sun, you cannot avoid the strong UV (ultraviolet) rays. When you're inside, the strong wind from air conditioner makes your skin moisture-less.If you don't fully fill back the moisture, this decreases elasticity, thereby expanding pores and accelerating aging. Therefore, moisture care is necessary during the summer to avoid extreme dryness.


When thirsty, you drink water. This works the same for the skin. Skin needs an adequate amount of water-both inside and outside.



Once we turn on the A/C, we are more likely to be interested in indoor temperature maintenance that we tend to neglect the need to ventilate. In this case, substances such as the molds, bacteria, and dusts are kept inside and they float in the air, stimulating our skin and causing skin troubles. Needless to say, natural air breeze is the best for the skin. However, if you cannot live without an A/C, then ventilating the room every hour is necessary to prevent the skin dryness or troubles.  Also, one should refrain from having direct contact with air from an A/C or electric fan with his or her skin. Minimizing your exposure to depleting elements-low humidity, harsh winds, dry heat, high altitude-can prevent the loss of moisture and natural oil in the skin.  


Some people use water sprays like the Biocera Ion Spray to provide moisture in the skin. Whenever they feel the dryness and/or roughness of the skin, they spray the moisture on the face. In fact, customers who have used Biocera Ion Spray the moisturizing effect is excellent as the Biocera TO Ball makes the water ingredient Activate ionizing.



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Last but not least, drinking an adequate amount of water daily prevents aging of the skin. This is becausediet can play a role in strengthening your skin's ability to maintain moisture.    "You are what you eat  / drink."

A healthy body needs to have more than 70 percent of water. Therefore, drinking a fresh, healthyAntioxidant Alkaline Water is the fastest way to maintain a healthy skin full of moisture during summertime.




A Column from Health Chosun

Translated and Edited by BIOCERA Staff in New York





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