"Taking unnecessarily large amount of salt brings about high blood pressure, which aggravates cardiovascular diseases and leads a person into death-about 1 out of 4 people (25%)."


According to the Korean Society of Hypertension, Korean people normally consume 12 g of salt per day, which is more than twice the recommended amount by World Health Organization (WHO) and Korea Nutrition Society, which is 5 g per day. People use salt to enhance food flavor. Especially Koreans who cannot live without Kimchi or other pastes, many of which contain high salt. However, too much consumption of sodium poses numerous health risks. Researches show that 27.9%o f Koreans above age 30 (50% of those above age 60) suffer from high blood pressure, which is very high portion compared to other countries.  Today let us learn more about the potential dangers of salty foods, which may inspire you-especially those who have habit of eating salty-to make health-promoting food choices.


Over-consumption of salt not only causes high blood pressure, but it is closely related to cardiovascular disorders, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. Here are some facts that one should take note of in order to reduce the serious health risks:  




  • High blood pressure  Consuming a diet rich in salty foods, such as fast food, potato chips, pretzels and canned foods, can significantly increase blood pressure levels and your risk for heart disease. On the other hand, even modest reductions in salty food intake stimulate major blood pressure benefits, resulting in a lowered risk for heart disease.


  • Kidney disease : kidney stones are deposits made up of crystals that form in the urinary tract, often causing excruciating pain. If you are prone to calcium kidney stones, eating too much salt can cause more calcium to accumulate in your urine, increasing your likelihood for experiencing kidney stone symptoms.


  • Stroke and heart disease: Eating salty foods in excess can reduce blood flow to your heart, making way for a heart attack. Salty foods can also reduce blood flow to your brain, increasing your risk for a stroke. Limiting salt is particularly important if you already have heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure or excess body fat.


  • Cancer (stomach): Researchers found that the more salty foods, such as salted fish, a person consumed, the greater their risk for gastric cancer. Eating a diet rich in salty foods also leaves less room for nutritious foods linked with a reduced cancer risk, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

So what can we do to prevent the above-mentioned diseases? Eat primarily whole, natural foods and season dishes with low-sodium seasoning blends. If you can't help but consume salty food (especially those people who love to eat out), DRINK water more frequently-probably more than the recommended amount of water (8 glasses) per day. Drink fresh, healthy 

Antioxidant Alkaline Water  that keeps you healthy and avoid the life-taking diseases.  Personally, I started counting/checking the number of water glasses I consume every day when working at the office.  I drink about 3 to 4 glasses before and after lunch. Though the number of times I visit(?) the toilet has increased, yet I can feel my body less swollen. Also, I feel lighter and healthier! What are you waiting for? Eat healthy, drink healthy. Love your body. Love yourself ! 

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