“To Live Up to 100 Years Old and Suffer Less“


Unexpected things happened after releasing the gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. By releasing the grey wolves, the number of deer and foxes gradually decreased and at the same time, the number of small animals including rabbits increased. As a result, the forest gradually started to regain its natural form and unbalanced food chain began to recover. The wolves changed climate alleviation by increasing the amount of carbon stored by plants and even served to cushion the effects of climate change. Nature moves in balance. There is nothing useless in nature. We, humans, do coexist with animals and plants on earth.


We do feel alive because our fluids, the blood circulates our body continuously. Although mosquitos rely on sucking blood, we humans too depend on the water of the earth. When our blood is contaminated with acidic wastes and impurities, then we suffer from all sorts of diseases. If mosquitoes suck our contaminated blood, they will spread contamination to other people and animals. If the earth was also covered with heavy metals and acidic cation dust, our humans will also be contaminated with heavy metals and acidic cations. In order to pollute our bodies less, we must clean our planet. One says small practices bring greater change. We should use less chemical shampoo when showering, less use chemical detergent when washing clothes, and not pollute water, the life of all things.


To live long and healthy, our body should always maintain a weak alkaline of pH of 7.4. But can we maintain weak alkaline pH 7.4 due to acidic lifestyles and behaviors like various acidic foods, strong surfactant detergents, toxic antibiotics, and modified genetically engineered foods? Our body struggles even at this moment to maintain alkalinity which has been previously dominated by acidic foods and chemical detergents. The elements that make up our bodies, such as cells, body fluids, organs, and bones take away alkaline minerals from surrounding organs to keep alkaline state. As a result, our body gets imbalanced leading to various diseases.


All creatures on Earth are fighting fiercely for their survival. Unreliably, they compete, kill each other, and gamble. The earth and all living creatures still fight hard to survive on our betting board. Mankind is not the only one who lives on the earth. We must try to keep environments clean for your sake, do keep for our future generations. Take a look around. Despite the fact, there are many campaigns like ‘save water’ and ‘useless detergents’. We should look back whether we are practicing them.


It is a very difficult task to maintain a healthy living for only mankind where we are living on earth and linked together. What if we take interest in only our body then it will be easier to think. If you try to maintain a pH of 7.4, you will be able to maintain your health for a long time. We should let ourselves out from the repeated irregular life, acid foods, and exposure to environmental hormones. We should get rid of possible bacteria and viruses, inflammation, an increase of active oxygen, pain, fatigue, depression, sleep disorder, dyspepsia, aging, and obesity. Many doctors recommend eating lots of alkaline foods instead of acidic foods such as hamburgers, pizza, soft drinks, flour and sweet. In order to inhibit disease leading active oxygen, we need to drink BIOCERA Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline water that resembles natural spring water. We need to protect our body and our family against counterattack of acidification environment. We should take regular exercise, eat healthily and drink BIOCERA Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline water to maintain weak alkaline pH 7.4 to live longer and healthier.


pH. Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag


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