Alkaline Minerals Associate Diabetic and Kidney Symptoms by                                             Inducing Active Oxygen

Free radicals are also known as active oxygen and they cause dysfunctional orientation in the body by attacking DNA and signal system. Remarkably such diseases occur from a deformity of cell membranes as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, allergic symptoms, arteriosclerosis, cancer, and more. On the other hand, cancerous cells are created from free radical disturbance, unstable ecosystem, and inflammations which maintains body homeostasis.

Diabetes occurs from insulin resistance which cares resulted from kidney failure. Kidney failure is occurred as a result of free radical infestation, as the body turns back against natural homeostasis constitutions, taking away necessary alkaline minerals in the organs, brain, and cell membranes. We humans take actions as consuming dietary supplements and drink water, or perhaps do exercise and maybe consuming more acidic foods. We try to tolerate the incompetence, but it is inevitable. The body will take more beneficial alkaline minerals such as magnesium which are an essential key element for improving absorption on vitamins and calcium alkaline minerals. From the dissatisfaction of sufficient alkaline mineral supply adaptation, alkaline minerals tend to retreat through the urinary system instead of getting absorbed. The consequences of excessive alkaline mineral exhaustion in the bladder may result in renal failure, moreover, affect insulin resistance by insufficient productions of the beta-amyloid in the pancreas.

Reducing acidic foods with high cholesterol, high fats, and high calories diets could reduce the high-level risk for having noxious diseases. Under the circumstances, necessary rich alkaline mineral diets and water could be the key for diabetes and kidney failure prevention.


pH. Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag