"Wow, that old man is really healthy despite his age!"

I remember hearing this phrase couple of times whenever I watched the Korean TV program called "National Singing Contest" with my friends. Song Hae (87) is the one of the famous celebrities has always been regarded as the "nation's friend" since he has been on the show for 34 years now. Song revealed his secret tips to maintain fitness, which people often referred to as BMW (Bus, Metro, Walk). Recently, he shared another know-how: Taking a Bath. 


"Taking a bath is really good for your health. You know why we feel tired and sluggish is that we have some wastes accumulated in our pores. In that case, we have to intentionally sweat and excrete the waste matter from our body," he said.


In fact, taking a bath not only makes our body clean but when continued frequently, it can promote our health and even cure some diseases. Taking a bath with water of different temperatures or different parts can also give us many positive effects.



Different Temperatures: HOT bath for the evening, COLD bath for the morning


Taking a hot bath with water temperature of about 38~40 degree Celsius can help you relieve stress. After a long stressful day at work, why don't you go home and take a hot bath? Hot water stimulates the parasympathetic nerve, thereby relieving the tension in the whole body. Ten to 20 minutes per day is recommended. When the water is too hot (above 43 degree Celsius), stay for maximum of five minutes to refrain from increasing the tension and blood pressure.


Cold bath with water temperature of about 24 degree Celsius helps you to start the day feeling refreshed.  This is because cold bath accelerates the activities of muscles, digestive organs and excretory organs, which were relaxed during the sleep. Moreover, cold water stimulates the muscles, contracting the cutaneous (skin) blood vessels and easing the swollen skin. But again, this may elevate the blood pressure, when done for a long time, so start with arms and legs. This is NOT recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis.



While researching for the health news and tips, I always think, "Staying healthy can be easy. Diseases can be cured and prevented if we pay attention to these secrets!" Changing habits can be hard, but not impossible. If we practice everyday, we can live long like Song! Also, when taking a bath, remember that using clean water is crucial too. To avoid extreme cases of getting colorectal cancer, atopy (skin trouble) and other fatal diseases, use the showerhead that is healthier for you.BIOCERA's Atozero Happy Showerhead can be a great option.

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