33 Reasons for Drinking Water

1.  No creature cannot survive without water.

2. When the body is dehydrated, organs feel stressed. But when dehydration state continues for a long period, organs start to fail.

3. Water is an energy source.

4. Water creates electricity in the cell providing strength for the mankind to function.

5.      Water functions as glue with the cells.

6.      Water prevent DNA damage.

7.      Water improves immune system.

8.      Water dissolves minerals that we consume.

9.      Water changes foods to energy.

10.  Water helps minerals to absorb quickly.

11.  Water carries minerals to the organs and entire body.

12.  Water improves red blood cells function.

13.  Water helps to remove impurities through liver and kidney.

14.  Water helps joint spaces and prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

15.  Water acts a shock absorbing buffer at the spinal cord.

16.  Water prevents constipation.

17.  Water reduces heart attack and stroke.

18.  Water prevents arterial plaques. 

19.  Water carries electricity to the brain.

20.  Water is the source to create serotonin.

21.  Water prevents attention deficit disorder.

22.  Water decreases depression and anxiety.

23.  Water improves sleep.

24.  Water improves skin condition.

25.  Water prevents glaucoma.

26.  Water help to prevent leukemia and lymphoma.

27.  Water improves on concentration.

28.  Water helps immune system that fight cancer.

29.  Water cleans blood.

30.  Water distinguish between thirst and hunger.

31.  Water prevents amnesia improving memory.

32.  Water reduces morning sickness during pregnancy.


33.  Water helps to fight against caffeine, alcohol in the body.

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