2019 Hydrogen and Beauty International Conference


The 2019 International Conference will be held at the aT Center in Seoul, for two days starting on the 24th, under the theme of "Hydrogen and Beauty" by the ‘Korean Water Society (KWS)’, ‘Korean Society for Investigate Cosmetology (KSIC)’, and ‘International Society for Hydrogen Medicine Biology (ISHMB)’. Hydrogen scholarly studies have been documented worldwide as well as emerging hydrogen trendy markets are increasing, however, the knowledge of hydrogen is not universal. The conference will be an academic forum to discuss diverse topics such as academic research for the hydrogen industry development, research trends on hydrogen, and possibilities and demands of practical applications for cosmetic applications. In this international conference, many hydrogen experts will present on hydrogen issues, and Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag the CEO of Biocera is presenting 'Global Trends of Hydrogen Business'. 


Thank you for your interest and appreciations.