On Tuesday June 5th 2018,

Biocera founder and CEO Dr. Hyoung-Tag Jeon
gave a lecture to multi-level Japanese buyers,
Korean companies and Korean online shopping mall customers
on radiation and hormesis. 

Dr. Hyoung-Tag Jeon lectured on the subject of
“The Secret of Hormesis that sometimes poison become medicine”
written by German evolutionary biologist and a journalist, Richard Friebe.

The World Health Organization defines health as
“copying and adapting to physical, mental and social challenges and interferences.”


Health standards do not apply equal to all. 
Poison reacts as a medicine to some people
and poison can become a life savior to others. 

The amount is important rather than just saying poison is toxic. 
It can be said, some amount of stress, alcohol, cigarettes,
ultraviolet rays or even radiation can improve our health. 

We try to avoid stress but stress is not always bad. 

When stress stimulus occur, our body reacts to its adaptation,
strengthening our defense mechanism. 

Perhaps comfortable environments can make us weaker and
difficult for our survival.

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