Biocera Ensures the Safety and Best Quality of products.

Biocera Balls are Tested and Certified by NSF International

against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.

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Biocera Balls are created in the 1980s with top-secret crystal growth technology using rubies, sapphires, and corundum. The process of manufacturing Biocera Balls too careful selection from raw materials and minerals that do not contain heavy metals. After the delicate procedure of temperature control results the change of the crystal structures. Biocera has patents in Korea, United States, China, and other countries for the selection of the crystal seeds, minerals, temperature controls, and manufacturing processes. Biocera Balls are the first and the only water activated ceramic balls to receive certification at NSF and FDA authentication for drinking water. 



Biocera Balls were initially developed in the 1990s by Dr. Jeon, the current CEO and the founder of Biocera Co., Ltd. Dr. Jeon was a researcher at the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology run by the Korean government. 



The process of Biocera Ball’s crystal growth technology and selection of the seeds are important. The main ingredients of the Biocera Ball’s seeds are same, comparing to the sapphires, rubies, and corundum. But differences come from their respective colors, sizes, shapes, values, and properties. 



Biocera Balls are grown by melting the raw materials using high temperatures using hydrogen and oxygen gas. Sapphire crystals can transform transparent and grow large in size, but ruby crystals cannot even if high concentrated temperatures are used. The precision of the crystal growing method turns the crystal’s flexibility in color transformations and concentrated sizes by adding foreign substances. Using this method, antibacterial balls, alkaline hydrogen production crystals, dissolved oxygen increasing crystals, and ionized crystals were created.







Biocera Balls are grown like crystals, using high temperature with hydrogen gas and oxygen vapor. White sapphires can grow large in size and clear as crystal clearness. But red rubies and blue sapphires cannot grow large and clear as white sapphires. Using Biocera Crystal Growth Technology, adding foreign substances can change its color to red and blue while the sizes remain small.

Biocera Balls remain as functioning clear antibacterial, alkaline, hydrogen, small NMR and dissolved oxygen increase.


Porous Surface SEM Picture of Biocera Balls for Purifying & Activating water


Biocera A Image  








BIOCERA Antioxidant Alkaline Water Removes Impurities and Improves our Health

While one wears gemstone to calm their mind and stay happy, we found a quicker way to clean and detoxify the water with the help of Biocera balls. Biocera balls are great for water purification 

How safe are BIOCERA balls?

Biocera balls are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. Biocera balls are also safety tested at RoHS. Biocera balls fuction effectively in any kind of water, however Biocera balls are used in tap water, ro water, bottled water and mineral water. Biocera balls increase alkalinity and mineral quantity in the water. Biocera balls reduce ORP and improve hydrogen concentration in the water.