Stay fit and far from bacterial infection 

Bacterial infection is a threat that has become a part and parcel of ever day's life. One cannot control these infection as bacteria is everywhere around and can spread via air, water, food or even means of transport. Irrespective of how much ever one tries to keep their hands, legs, feet etc out of contact from these harmful micro-organisms, bacteria find their way to reach human body. Instead of dis-infecting every item separately that comes in contact like clothes, shoes,stationary, pets, medicine,gadgets etc one can make sure they subscribe to a suitable anti bacterial agent which is powerful enough to cleanse all items irrespective of their size and shape. We at Biocera have designed the best in the market known as Biocera A that can actively function as they radiate far infrared radiation which is anti bacterial in nature.

Our Biocera A is not just antibacterial but also has the capability to withstand heavy temperature up to 800 degree Celsius. They have the capacity to destroy any harmful microbes and keep the human race healthy. Biocera antibacterial agent A is made out of zeolite, calcium phosphate and silver ions which all are non toxic antibiotic agents. They sterilize bacteria, virus by OH radical and oxygen free radical formation technique.

So wherecan this wonder productbe used? Our Biocera A series has 99 percent of antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral efficacy and this is clinically proven with test results. They can disinfect any material from plastic, fiber, textile, surface coating materials like car seat, bedding, enamel, paints, cosmetics etc thereby assuring health cleanliness and freshness in every bacteria prone item. Our product maintains the antibacterial effect for long as it is non volatile and a non discharge material. This makes the Biocera A child safe and free of any side effects.

Our Biocera A is a powerful antibacterial alternative as it is efficient, economically viable, safe and easy to use.