BIOCERA A.H.A(Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial) Soap

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Natural Coconut Oil enriches Moisture on Active Skin and maintain Skin Health Biocera A and Biocera AO have hydrogen and anti-bacterial function to protect your skin.
Product Name BIOCERA A.H.A(Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial) Soap
Method to use Make enough bubbles and clean with water.




Free radicals cause skin aging.

Oxidative stress, environmental pollution and UV rays produce excess free radicals.

Free radicals are produced from oxygen that we breathe.

Free radicals damages steal electron from nearby cells and damages the cells.

Damaged cells result to aging.

The Natural component of coconut oil

help to maintain moist and active skin.

Protect your skin by hydrogen and anti

bacterial with BIOCERA A and

BIOCERA AO technology.

Name BIOCERA Hydrogen beauty treatment Soap
Weight 100g / 3.5oz
Main elements Coconut oil(with moisture), BIOCERA A,
BIOCERA AO, PEG4000, Glycerin, SLS, titanium dioxide
Date of manufacture Expressed separately
Method to use Make enough bubbles and clean with water.

Coconut oil



Natural oil from coconut

Safety to use at sensitive skin.

Help to anti oxidation

Increasing skin immunity

Special influence to skin with

anti oxidation of hydrogen function

  • Helps to remove harmful active oxygen

  • H2 hydrogen small clusters are remove sebum and waste in pore efficiently.

  • It helps to reform at skin trouble such as pimple, atopy, dermatitis and etc.

  • Hydrogen water cluster is much smaller then representative anti oxidant materials vitamin E, vitamin C, and


    coenzyme. In other words, easy to deeply apply to your body with anti oxidation of hydrogen.

  • The anti oxidation influence is 170 times more effect then Vitamin C.


    (Measurement test result from Dong Kyung dental university in Japan)

Get tired


aging skin by oxidation.

Release and make younger skin


with BIOCERA hydrogen soap.

Hydrogen in soap reaction with water to

permeate in bubble.

Strong elastic on anti oxidation operate.

Contain premium BIOCERA A & AO.

Get healthy and beauty skin with hydrogen anti oxidation function with BIOCERA A and AO.

Take care of pure and clean skin with Hydrogen Soap

BIOCERA Hydrogen soap make rich bubble to remove sebum in pore and remove callus softly.

Apply hydrogen: non

Apply hydrogen: 1.3ppm

Hydrogen control winkle form.

Active oxygen by ultraviolet A make winkle from.

But hydrogen remove active oxygen.