Biocera NS - Nano silver liquid type

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NS2K liquid >2L, 20L 1~2%  Plastic,



2L, 20L




2L, 20L



Antibacterial Nano Silver / Biocera Nano Silver Series

Silver Ag ion is a material known to sterilize about 650 kinds of harmful bacteria and microbes by repressing their smooth metabolism function. Nano is a very small particle of size 10-9(1㎛) and has the thickness of 1/100,000 of our hair.

Nano Silver (NS) is specially to be processed as small as nano particle size with normal Ag to have antibacterial and sterilizing functions byusing the technology to form and synthesize nano particles in various solvents.

Biocera NS Series is the solution to be combined with "Nano Poly Technology" of highly polymerized compound and its processing technology and “Antibacterial function of Ag."

Features of Biocera NS Series (Antibacterial / Antifungal)

Biocera NS Series is 10nm and has an excellent Antibacterial and antifungal effect.

 Biocera NS 2KBiocera NS 3KBiocera NS 20K
Application liquid liquid liquid
Ingredients Silver Silver Silver
Particle Size 5∼10㎚



pH 5∼8 5∼8 5∼8

Antibacterial Nano silver liquid type

  • Transparent liquid

  • Combined with activated Carbone, textile or pulp

  • No nitrates included in the liquid

  • No change in its color to the UV

  • Strong antibacterial durability

Nano Silver Mecahnism

Nano Silver Mechanism

Sterilization by active oxygen of ceramic.
Sterilization by nano Ag ions.
Adsorption of bacteria, organic matter and gas